How to customized a food kiosk from China?

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Nowadays, build a small kiosk in the mall is the Latest fashion trends. Whether in China, the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom. there have so many merchants start his business from a small kiosk. One of the biggest sellers is the food kiosk service. in order to make the counter fit the space and controlling cost. they will choose to customize the kiosk from China.

If you are an Original entrepreneur, not have more experience, It’s necessary to see more details below. here I wanna share some points about how to customize a food kiosk from China.


When you search on the website, you will find there have so many suppliers can do the kiosk. But many of them are trading companies without actual factories. this will require you to spend more time to understand their company. it can via factory pictures, video talk to verify it. if necessary can also come to China directly inspection.

Why must choose a factory, what is the advantages?

1.find a direct factory is easy to communication, Error transmission of information can be avoided.

2. it can effectively control the completion time, avoid wasting time halfway.

3. Avoid middlemen to extract kickbacks. Can directly get the factory price.

4. The kiosk quality and the After-sales service is guaranteed.


Usually, the mall manager will give you a construct guide, there will have some requirement on it, it mainly about the kiosk material, size, color, height, logo and more. you can directly send the guide to your supplier. and then you also can add more your ideas on the kiosk build.

At first, you need confirmed what foods service you will provide, snack food, juice, bubble tea, coffee, crepe, ice cream or others. also need put some juice machine, fridge, sink inside. share all your needs to the supplier. if you’re in the USA. it will need to use UL wire and three holes stainless steel sink.and do a 3d design for it. the last is to make a construction plan for the whole kiosk.


Pay deposit and start producing the whole kiosk. In the production process, you can ask the supplier to provide some pictures or video update progress. usually, build a mall food kiosk about need 22-25 work days, the shipment time is 20-35 days. it based on which port is nearest to you. so, before you start this project, you must do a schedule. Allow at least three months to complete the project.


Because of the distance, A lot of times the manufacturer cannot go directly to the spot to organize installation, but there will be some Installation guide and video for your check. if there any more question about the assemble also can direct have a call or video. The installation is easy to complete.

Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer in China, we mainly work on different types of mall retail kiosk design and build. we have own professional design team and factory, professional sales team. have 11 years experience. if you are interested to start your own food kioskbusiness. if you still not have any ideas. Feel free to get in touch with us. as long as you have an idea, we can make it a reality.

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