Several types of wood often used in mall kiosks

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Good day all friends! Today I want to share you several types of wood often used in mall kiosks.

As we know, wood is the basic material of mall kiosk, no matter you use what kind material for surface finish, wood all used as the basic materials. But wood also have many different types, now follow me, let’s see the different types together:

1. Plywood

The plywood is commonly known as a thin core plate. It is made of three or more layers of one-millimeter thick veneer or sheet adhesive. It is the most commonly used material for hand-made furniture.
The hardness of the plywood is generally high. Since the material and texture are vertically staggered during the gluing process, the strength is large and the deformation is not easy.
Because the plywood is very hard and strong, so it is not easy to be deformed and bent. It is often used to make food kiosks and some kiosks need high strength.
But Plywood surface is rough, so as usually need use laminate or veneer do surface finish, so the process is more complicated and the cost is higher.

2. MDF
What’s MDF? some customers won’t know what kind material it is. MDF mean medium density fiberboard.It is a kind of artificial board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber and hot pressed wood chips.
MDF surface is very smooth, easy to finish and save paint, so as usually used for paint surface finish mall kiosks, like salon kiosk, phone kiosks etc.
But it is absorbs moisture, absorbs water, and has a high thickness expansion rate. So as usually it won’t used in food kiosks and some area easy have water

3. Particleboard
Particleboard is made of wood or other lignocellulosic material, a synthetic board that is glued under heat and pressure after applying an adhesive.
The particleboard structure is relatively uniform and the processing performance is good.
But it has a rough edge and is easy to absorb moisture, so must do edge sealing.

4.Solid wood
Solid wood also means natural wood,that has not been cemented and laminated, and other modern processes.
Solid wood is durable and textured, high-end, It is a high-quality plate for making high-end furniture and decoration houses. So solid wood always used do some high-end mall kiosks.
However, solid wood is prone to wormholes, thrift, color change, and less color, so sometimes it can not meet the needs of the people, and the amount of use is relatively small.

5.Scientific wood
The technical wood is a new type of all-wood decorative material with superior performance as a raw material, using bionics principle and various modified and physicochemical treatments on ordinary wood and fast-growing materials. Compared with natural materials, it hardly bends, cracks, and is not twisted.
Scientific wood can produce colors and textures that natural wood does not have. It can be processed into different sizes according to different needs, overcoming the limitations of natural wood and meeting the diverse needs of the people.

After read this page, have you got more info about wood used in mall kiosks?
when choose wood for your mall kiosk, you need very clear about your needs, the suitable is the best!

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