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A good coffee shop should not only have high-quality coffee, but also a comfortable, distinctive coffee shop style and good store design. Cafe aesthetics and design, comfort or not directly determine customer satisfaction. So, what are the key points of coffee shop design? What are the 5 tips for coffee shop design? Let’s take a look at the 5 key tips for coffee shop design.


  1. Style

This is an era of fashion and individuality. If the decoration of coffee shops does not have individuality but imitates the design style of other coffee shops, people will not have more ideas about coffee shops and will not remember their store names. When designing a style of cafe decoration, it is best to imagine some new elements, not to see other elements, which can attract the eyes of friends, give a person a good mood, and will attract more and more consumers.

2. Lighting

The place that should notice most in decorating is lighting choice, cannot choose too dazzling lamplight. Because this is not a KTV or a bar, the light is required to be as soft and warm as possible, giving a comfortable feeling. After walking into the cafe, let a person enjoy unlimited free and easy. But cannot choose too dark light, although do not have the dazzling feeling, but very easy to let a person produce a negative mood, had better be the light that takes a bit of color so.

3. Door

The design of the door is a very important part of the whole decoration design link. There are a lot of tricks you can use to impress passers-by with your store. The space design of the coffee shop matches the overall decoration style of the coffee shop. We can use transparent glass doors and some window designs to attract customers’ attention.

4. Store sign

In the bustling business district, consumers often see the first big and small and all kinds of shop signs. Coffee shop signs have an indispensable role and value, they can use neon lights, and spotlights to strengthen the effect, and can also be decorated with lights, reflective lights, light boxes, or with ribbons, flags, flowers to foil, etc. Logo can be through the bottom color to highlight the name of the store, the name should be concise, and easy to remember.

5. Color theme

In the decoration design of coffee shops, the collocation of colors is crucial. Colors can affect a person’s mood and appetite. Therefore, in the decoration of coffee shops, we should pay attention to the collocation of colors. So, what color is good for a cafe? The choice of color cannot be ignored in cafe design. First of all, color has an inspiring and soothing effect, so coffee shops can use color to attract customers. For example, contrasting colors can arouse curiosity and even encourage customers to linger in a coffee shop.

Next, the color is used properly can highlight the atmosphere. For example, a bright hue against a dark background can draw consumers’ attention to products such as coffee on display. Cool or warm drinks on a mid-tone background will also work well as a backdrop. If the use of color light irradiation, light color and the color of the coffee itself has a good match, can fully display the characteristics of coffee, and attract customers’ attention. Some coffee shops give a cool feeling, while others give a hot feeling, all due to the influence of coffee shop colors. 

No matter where in the world a coffee shop is located, they all have something in common. Not just the coffee, but the warmth and comfort of the interior. People come to coffee shops for a coffee or other hot drinks, to meet friends or have important meetings with potential customers, to read books or magazines, or just to think and relax.

Nowadays, many coffee shops are busy and vibrant places. Therefore, the interior design of a coffee shop is very important to attract new customers and repeat customers. In this series, I have collected some of the most beautiful and creative coffee shop designs, let’s take a look.

MOST MODERN COFFEE SHOP DESIGN – Modern coffee shop furniture with coffee store bar counter

This modern coffee shop is popular with many office workers. The counter design is simple white with black and white stripes. The shop area is big and outfitted with furniture that’s funky and bright.

Because of the comfortable and quiet atmosphere, many office workers and students like to come here to work or study.

MOST COMMERICAL COFFEE SHOP DESIGN – Coffee Store Furniture Decoration Commercial Coffee Shop Counters

This is a more commercial coffee shop design. The seating area includes seating for two, seating for four and bar area. It not only provides coffee but also fast food, so the store design is different from other coffee shops. The store has many dining areas, and the store environment feels more popular. The combination of wood grain color and light gray is the simple and generous design style of the coffee shop.

MOST INDUSTRIAL COFFEE SHOP DESIGN – Industrial style coffee store Wooden color cafe shop furniture design

Industrial style coffee shop design will attract the attention of young people and more literary youth love. Black metal frames hang from the ceiling and counters are designed in brown wood grain. The walls and dining table are designed with diamond patterns, with black dining table and bar chairs, and the colors match well.

MOST SIMPLE COFFEE SHOP DESIGN – Fashion style coffee store furniture cafe bar counter

All counters and tables in this coffee shop are white. White is the simplest color and also the most practical color. White simple counter with warm white lighting gives a warm and comfortable feeling. It’s great for dating and chatting with friends. The design of the floor added a few different colours again, have to say the idea of the stylist is really pretty good.

No matter what type or style, coffee shop design is essential when it comes to catering. Cafes, like any other sector of the restaurant industry, are based on customer satisfaction, and how customers feel about your company is a key factor in satisfying customers.

Therefore, the interior design of the cafe plays an important role in providing a first-class guest experience. Follow this guide to get your cafe’s interior design just right!

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