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The coffee store is a fashionable and warm place. Customers come to the coffee store not only for the taste of coffee also for the atmosphere. They will choose a cafe full of an atmosphere that suits them. So the coffee store decoration have good expression is important.


The store layout is reasonable and every space is well used. Solid wood tables and counters make the store attractive, fully reflecting the “natural, environmental, and healthy” theme. It not only looks natural also very practical. The front checkout area also has plenty of space for making coffee or food, and the walls have made a series of decorations that make the storefront beautiful and unique. If you prefer other styles, our professional designers can make new designs for you.

Please pay attention to the lights in the store. Making full use of the role of light and shadow is another feature of the lighting design of the coffee store. This feature can be used to intentionally create some advantage. Put the light in or under some plants to illuminate the space upward. So as to produce interesting light and shadow in the space, which not only enriches the visual effect and increases the three-dimensional and hierarchical sense of the space.

For the store layout, we can design the whole according to the floor plan you provide, so that each space can use as much as possible. The style and decoration are also up to you. We put your logo, all the equipment, and furniture in the design to show you the perfect 3D design drawing. That way you can clearly confirm all the details.


The store design must conform to cafe features. and show the operating characteristics of the cafe from the appearance and style.

The color of the store should be unified and harmonious, should not use strong color to contrast. The store should not overdecorate that customers do not have visual fatigue.

Store decoration should fully consider the local architectural style and the surrounding stores are coordinated. To avoid the loss of customer trust.

Above, our excellent designers have a good solution. When you have determined your store style. and let us know clearly what you want. A perfect store design can show you well.


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