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More and more people drink coffee every day, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, and other countries…In general, we all know that drinking coffee can boost your energy levels, and boost your metabolism. Coffee is so popular, how can we open a coffee shop to attract customers? First, you need to have a unique coffee shop design.

Some ideas on coffee shop decoration style

Modern simple style

This kind of coffee shop is generous, clean, bright, and warm, which is very suitable for people to come here for leisure and entertainment. The simple style can make people feel comfortable and relaxed. Most people will like the coffee shop decoration style

Elegant literary style

This style has a romantic atmosphere and elegant environment, which can make people feel artistic. It is very suitable for young people to take pictures and play here.

Leisure pastoral style

Natural, fresh, and comfortable are the characteristics of the rural style, which is very suitable for people to relax and relieve stress here.

Details of coffee shop

The shop’s colors are mainly dark yellow and black, and the design style tends to be casual and classical. We designed the coffee store according to the customer’s floor plan, while leaving space for the customer to put the machines and equipment. Please pay attention to the pattern top design. We have made different styles of top design for customers.

Leisure store environment. On metope install lamplight adornment, the spotlight that the ceiling hangs, use downy lamplight to build a relaxed environment. Plants and decorative tables are placed in the window area to make the shop look more unique by rationally utilizing the advantage of space. Do you like the layout of the store? We are a professional coffee shop furniture manufacturer and have an excellent design team. If you are planning to open a coffee shop, we can create the perfect shop design for you according to your needs and budget.

Some issues of concern

Product Positioning. how do coffee shops position their products? City type, consumption level, and local market demand all need to be measured. Only after sufficient analysis can we determine the product category. Such as coffee, staple food, desserts, snacks, and other types of product composition. You need to determine exactly which part of the food is your consumer group needs, so as to make a targeted choice.

Location. The main site selection of coffee shops has the following directions: downtown main street, large shopping mall, school business circle, hospital business circle, pedestrian street business circle, railway station passenger station business circle, large office building business circle, community business circle, city main street business circle and other types of the business circle. Make the decision based on your financial strength and market analysis.

How to get my unique shop design

We need you to share your shop floor plan with us and tell us the style, logo, and furniture you want. When we know every detail of your store, our designers can start to design for you. Before the design, we need to charge a design deposit of $500-800 depending on the size of your store.We will deduct it from the total price of the order and provide you with a free design.

We will send you a 3D design for confirmation within 5-7 days, and you can also modify it if you need to add new ideas. After you confirm the final design, we will make the construction drawing for you to let you know the production steps. When you check the construction drawing, you can pay 50% deposit, and we can arrange the production.

Unique furniture will provide you with high-quality design and production services. We will carry out every step from design to delivery according to your requirements. We are always here and waiting for you to contact us to start the first step!



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