Good Quality Bubble Tea Shop Food Counter Customized Juice Bar

The milk tea shop is booming. It may be that the taste is unique, or it may be that the milk tea shop’s decoration process is unique. Many people open a milk tea shop that is too big and the decoration is not perfect, and it looks empty. And if the milk tea shop is too small, there is nothing to do.

In fact, regardless of the size of the milk tea shop, if you want to make people feel brighter in the decoration, you will inevitably make a careful investment. For example, decoration style, wall color selection, floor and ceiling design, etc. Today, I want to talk about how to decorate a bubble tea shop.

1. Decoration style

Two commonly used decoration styles for milk tea shops are for reference:

①. Stylish and modern decoration style.

For example, Nordic styles like Heycha and Nayuki are the styles that young people and lovers love now. Before the decoration design of a milk tea shop, you must first consider the consumer groups in your shop. Then define the decoration style for these consumer groups.

② Elegant and simple decoration style.

For example, Starbucks and Milo Coffee, where you can talk about work, leisure, and exchange. Different from the decoration of general net celebrity milk tea shops, the elegant and simple decoration style is similar to the decoration design requirements of cafes. It is both atmospheric and beautiful and does not lack the pursuit of modern social fashion. It is a casual conversation between modern young couples and fashionable successful people. The best place to go.


2. Color selection should not be sloppy

If you want your milk tea shop to look radiant, it is recommended to use a bright color series. Such as yellow and silver. You can also use a deep series of colors, purple, red. If you want your milk tea shop to look warm and loving, the color should be small and fresh. Pink and white, or white and blue, can show a fresh effect. This bubble tea shop style is very popular with young people. Some people like students, they can study here with friends. Or some young people can chat with their friends here. 



3. The signature logo is very important

The logo design of the signboard should be as simple as possible so that people can see clearly at a glance. It is recommended to make 3D luminous characters for the logo. Or design the font color according to the store name or store characteristics. Green or blue, and use a certain color as the main color, which is different from the general color of other milk tea shops, which will make people impress you.



4. The bubble tea food counter design

Except for the interior store decoration, the work counter of the bubble tea shop is one of the most important. This bubble tea work counter with white color and wood strip. On the cashier counter, we add the customer’s logo with 3d lighted logo. And the wall decoration with the grass makes the counter look more comfortable. We will customize the bubble tea food bar counter according to your requirement. Please send us if you have the equipment list then we can leave the space for your equipment. And arrange the layout for you.

For the bubble tea shop design, we will charge a 500-800USD design deposit. We will make the 3d store design customize as your store floor plan. Please welcome to contact us at email for more information about the bubble tea shop or other food shops. Thank you!

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