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Hello friend, glad to know that you are looking for coffee shop furniture.  Recently, I receive many inquiries about coffee shop decoration. Most people are ready to sell different products at the same time to increase sales. For example, open a coffee shop and sell milk tea, ice cream, and smoothies at the same time. Open a fast food restaurant and sell cakes and hot dogs together. If you are one of them, please don’t miss this coffee shop design. It including coffee kiosks, an e-cigarette counter, candy kiosk, snacks shelves, and two fruit display counters. Let’s learn more details together.

Description of the food store furniture

There is an L-shaped glass counter at the entrance, the checkout counter is also set here. Behind it is wall shelves with the brand logo, also use to showcase e-cigarette. Next to it is coffee shop furniture, which contains a glass display counter and high shelves on the backside. On the bottom of shelves has locked cabinets, you can restore things here.

Another wall has two 10ft long by 8ft high wall stands as required. The top part has open cabinets to showcase more goods, locked cabinets parts here for storage. While shelves in the middle to place candy and another slat wall shelves used to hang snacks. It makes full use of the room space. However, we usually make a high wall display stand no more than 6ft.

At the end of the coffee shop has two unique center display counter. It is designed to put fruit, our customer likes this design. Each brown fruit pavilion is 10 feet long, and people can buy different kinds of fruits from the compartment, very convenient.

Details show:

  • Color: High glossy brown
  • Size: 30ft*12ft
  • Design idea: According to customers’ idea
  • Main material: MDF with baking paint
  • Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, lightbox poster, acrylic logo, light strip, spotlight, slat wall, etc.
  • Function: Decoration and showcase products
  • Design time: 3-5 working days, please leave more time to confirm the design
  • Production time: Around 30 days depending on the shop furniture
  • Delivery time: About 22 days by sea to New York port, different port has different shipping date.

Coffee shop furniture design drawing

The design drawing can directly show the layout, color, material, and decoration of the whole store. If you want to see the brand letter and color decoration, we can also help you add a brand image wall and show the real looks.

coffee shop snack kiosk food shop

How to make this food shop furniture?

Our customer sent me an inquiry of a coffee shop. He told me that he wants both a coffee shop and an e-cigarette shop design. I don’t know he wants to set these shelves in one shop at the beginning. Then he draws a sketch to show his ideas, without any delay, we started shop designing with only coffee shop furniture and e-cigarette. Two days later, he sends me the shop size and also asks us to add candy kiosks and snack shelves to the counter. In order to help him to get the correct coffee shop furniture, we add all these candy kiosks, snack shelves, and fruit counter. It takes nearly two weeks to get this design, that’s why we recommend to tell us all your needs together. That can not only save time and energy but also get the correct design at a time. What do you think?

Before production, we should make a detailed construction drawing for confirmation. Customers need to check the drawing carefully because the construction drawing is a reference for the production counter. When each process is executed in accordance with the construction drawings, so you can get the shop counter you want. If you have any new ideas about coffee shop furniture, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to discuss more details with you. Thank you for your time.

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