Bubble tea shop becomes very popular among people. Because of delicious taste, many people want to drink it during lunchtime and meet with friends. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea shop design with you.


As we can see in the picture, this bubble tea store has a large seating area. So people can sit down and taste bubble tea drink. The sales window also has a bar counter with chairs. When entering the shop, people can order in front of the counter where located in the right hand. Yes, it’s a large U shape counter with the led light strip. The backside has sink, machines and menu on the wall. Brand logo and posters decoration the shop and makes the store unique. There are also bookshelves in the corner, clients can have a rest and read books there. Do you like this bubble tea shop decoration?

3D design picture show

beverage shop design bubble tea booth bubble tea store design

Material show:

  • Main material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Solid wood
  • Countertop material: White marble stone
  • Other materials: Acrylic, light strip, menu, lightbox, stainless steel, etc.

We can also change the material to any other materials you want.

Bubble tea shops are a promising industry, especially now that Bubble tea is generally accepted by people. If you rent a shop and are ready to start your own business, I hope these points are helpful to you.


In addition to the good taste of bubble tea, the decoration is very important. If your shop is mediocre, then it is not enough to catch people’s attention. Not to mention customers will enter the store to taste. The bubble tea shop has to be opened for a long time. The decoration must not only be beautiful, but we also require the shop decoration, which is to be resistant to dirt and wear. You can’t just look at what it is just installed, you have to look at it in one or two years. What it looks like.

Store sign

The competition of store sign and bubble tea store sign is the competition of customer attention, so the logo should be big and the light should be bright. Lighting is an important factor in attracting customers. It can also make your shop more unique, even at night is also a special presence. So don’t mind turning the light on the front of the Bubble teashop brighter, it’s better to be the street light on that street. A tea shop that uses twice as much light will actually increase the phone bill and electricity bills a day, but it can bring hundreds or even thousands of dollars in business. What do you think?

Customer experience.

When you think of yourself as a customer, you no longer care about costs and profits but only consider the customer’s feelings. The shop is not clean, the milk tea is good or not, and the staff are not kind. This is the real reason for a milk tea shop to survive. You can even buy a cup of milk tea and drink two sips to see how quality control is, and talk to customers about their feelings.


Fully consider the impact of the store location. First- and second-tier cities have high rents, high personnel costs and too many competitors. You need to clearly consider your positioning and choose the right area to open a store to bring profit

Preferential policy

Preferential policies are an effective way for you to succeed. The best preferential strategy is to buy one get one free and give him the strongest product for him to taste. Field visits are the prerequisite for making suitable marketing methods. For example, many new customers choose bubble tea according to their taste. If he feels bad, even your dessert suits his taste. Then he will not patronize again. So you can choose to buy one get one free event so that customers can try different flavours of bubble tea or desserts, then the probability of him becoming a regular customer will double.

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