Industrial style coffee store Wooden color cafe shop furniture design

With the continuous development of society, coffee shops are more and more popular. In recent years, the industrial style favor by people. The most attractive place of industrial wind is its tall and transparent space, with very little indoor partition. 

The coffee shop is the most common place to go for leisure when friends get together. The flows of people are relatively large, people go to the coffee shop is not to drink coffee. But to find a good environment to sit down and have a rest, chat. So its decoration style is particularly important. A good coffee shop must be closely related to its decoration design style and environment.

Principles of cafe image design

Good storefront design not only beautifies the coffee shop but also leaves a good impression on the consumers. Playing the purpose of attracting customers and expanding sales. The premise of the shop design is to grasp the trend of The Times. In the shop appearance. And the shop head, the shop, the use of color, shape, sound and other skills to perform. The more prominent your personality, the easier it is to notice.

Cafe shop interior design:

This cafe shop is a standard industrial style. The coffee work counter use retro wooden color and lime color. The size is about 5m in length and 600mm in width, 900mm in height of the coffee counter. On the wall post a menu then the customer can choose and order here. This coffee bar counter we can make a new design customize for you. You can send us your equipment list then our designer will leave the space for you. On the ceiling has some special lights with black metal frame. And the flooring is the grey color tiles.

The tables some black and white diamond square shapes. And some brown wooden color tables. Behind the glass door, there is the bar counter for customers. On the wall has a neon logo makes the shop look more beautiful and attractive. And also some wall decoration on the wall makes the whole shop added something fresh to the total look.

We need to make the design for the shop to see the effect first. If you have the floor plan of the coffee shop, please send it to us. And then we can discuss the interior layout, style, and so on. For example, which area for the bar counter, which area for the sitting area etc. We also can customize your logo on the bar counter or we can make one for the storefront. Then the customer can know what is your brand name. So to start the 3d design of the cafe store is the first step we have to do. Meanwhile, this is the most important step too.

How to start to design an Industrial style coffee store?

First, if you want to open a coffee store, you will need to find a location.

Second, please send the floor plan of the cafe store to us and your favorite shop style.

For the coffee store furniture, we will charge 500-800 USD design deposit ( depend on your shop size ). But it will return to you when order.

Third, we will send the 3d design to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

After you confirm the final 3d design we will send the quotation to you.

Finally, 50% deposit before the production, 50% balance before the shipping.


We are a professional coffee shop customize manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. Please email us at for the quote, thanks!

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