What’s the analytical advantages of UNIQUE kiosk factories, shopping mall kiosk ?

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When it comes to deep-funded procurement of good quality shopping mall kiosk material, a little experience bosses will think of wood, acrylic, metal materials, etc., but high quality, grade, shopping mall display the most artistic to the number of wooden material the closet. What advantages does exactly that wooden kiosk?

One: selection advantage

wood food cart
We know that good kiosk mall, choose from the plate to the needs of the process, every process is very cautious, not the same sheet, demand is not the same as the process finishes, such as varnish generally used for wood and decorated with beautiful lines panel, is contaminated with the more general poor surface texture plywood wood veneer sheet may not.

Second ;In the choice of retail kiosk materials, wood have more choices, and painting work is also very convenient and fast, science, technology and application of the principles of rocket science is not required.

Wooden kiosk for the corporate image and brand casting has a unique advantage, better reflect the grade of wood, it is particularly important in a number of brand chain in the display display. Wood is more noble, elegant, comfortable, natural, gives a pleasant feeling.

Three: plasticity

Good kiosk, selected from sheets, to the process requirements, each process is very stringent. For example, artificial kiosk are stapled sheets, use nail process. The color of putty to take stringent attitude, try to make the color after color, is basically consistent with the wood surface, thus disguising the problem with these nail eye.

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