2019 summarizes the design principles and requirements of all kinds of commercial kiosk!

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1, grasp the key business needs Design kiosk, highlighting the theme of the product

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Normally the next personal browsing information is limited, information products if we show too much, it will create a sense of dazzling to the consumer, this is not conducive to attract the attention of consumers. In addition, the complex structure of the kiosk is easy to reduce the efficiency of the staff. displays furnishings to be representative, must choose, be discarded. Simple, simple is the best way to attract the masses. Photos, graphics, text should be clear and concise. Nothing to do with the contents of display products and display design decoration should be reduced to a minimum.

Different to attract more visitors, easy for customers to find it easier to identify, to take the impress clients progress over the counter. To design unique, but not from the enterprise business objectives and product image.

Theme is companies want to convey to the customer’s basic information and impressions, usually a company or product itself. On the one hand a clear theme is the focus, the other hand is the use of appropriate colors, graphics and layout, with a coordinated way to create a unified impression.

Business kiosk in the design and use of which results are presented jointly by the influence of many factors: kiosk of layout, color, etc. through the use of charts and forms of expression displays display rack and so on form. A successful kiosk designs can be organic combination of these elements together and achieve unexpected thought.

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