How To maintain mall kiosk surface coatings to avoid changing color.

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China UNIQUE kiosk tell you the choice of quality paint is a key step: a wide variety of paints now on the market, but are different in terms of quality and effectiveness, of course, pull, let kiosk surface coatings maintain long-term does not change color, quality the important key factors do excellent paint, followed by technology, when combined with surface coating technology kiosk for the skilled but not least, in short, technology + quality quality paint is to maintain a permanent kiosk of surface coatings do not change color magic weapon.

which is a kiosk of the environment: like the kiosk are generally placed in shopping mall, specialty kiosk, shopping mall, large department centers and other public places, shopping mall and open-air-conditioning will be installed in every corner of the place if placed kiosk happens to be the cool air inlet, it would let the cold air spray sprayed directly onto the surface of the kiosk, so a long time, the paint will not come off easily change color.

So, pay attention to kiosk the environment must pay attention to choose a good environment is also an important factor in the spatial location of surface coatings kiosk maintain long-term does not change color. 3, avoid sun exposure: In order to have time to do business or trade needs to be done to facilitate the promotion of special reasons, will kiosk goes directly go from indoors to outdoors, in order to facilitate close contact with customers, at prolonged exposure in the sun, this approach is completely wrong, not to sacrifice good business image kiosk. To kiosk, the kiosk to avoid direct sunlight are very important.

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