what’s the standards height of Common mall kiosk ?

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Common wood mall kiosk general height 950mm – 1000mm manipulated, used for shopping mall, specialty store or kiosk, a width between 1000-1500mm, a depth of between 500-600mm, front and rear pull-pull multiple species, may be based on demonstrated needs.

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When viewed from the front of the customer standing can kiosk height is generally 1300-1800mm, top with boxes or brand LOGO words, this part of the generally high degree of control between 150-200mm, such as when not installed top boxes, kiosks generally highly in 1500 between -1700mm, sitting or bow customer viewing kiosks, display a height generally between 800-1000mm, can be planned for the shape or style kiosk square, circular, polygonal and the like.

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