Why mall custom kiosk theme must be clear?

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kiosk customization is an emerging industry, ever larger and the more the fixity of display design that is attributable to the architectural design, but smaller display design is attributed to the interior design, the more temporary display design on or attributable to the Arts and Crafts interior design .

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The development of shopping mall kiosk custom display themes often positioned informative, marketability, celebration of, recreation and entertainment, educational, etc. quintile. The ability to kiosk needed are: the concept of dumping goods or investigation and Planning capabilities, stereo Zaoxing (aesthetic, building materials and construction) knowledge of the capabilities, temporary lighting and electrical and mechanical equipment, straight tube fluorescent lamps can also be used to make large area emitting ceiling.

The layout of the suction capacity to provoke the crowd moving line groups and the like. This kiosk will people feel relatively wide, tall, change the original depression, a sense of boredom. If hall shorter, may be mounted on the ceiling grille groups, arranged in a row or a square grid. In addition, the back and the bottom wall of the kiosk, the kiosk in the lower part, also fitted straight tube fluorescent or neon.

In addition, it may be after World War II stores or shopping centers of large-scale and refined, professional and so caused. Based on the criteria selected should be more than standard body, to make the audience feel warm and happy.

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