Wonderful Use of Lighting Design in Jewelry Shop Decoration

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“Shops are not only selling goods, but also leaving something in people’s memory to build their brand awareness and memory. A good shop is to give the goods to the customers together with their memories.”

(1)The Wonderful Use of Light

Light itself is advertising.

Many times, consumers are attracted to the outside walls and signs of a store before they enter it. They are illuminated by LED bulbs, fluorescent tubes and neon lights.

(2)Control your steps

Lighting in stores can control consumers’walking routes. Because the contrast of light brightness and darkness can make people’s eyes unconsciously attracted. The most extreme example is the supermarket, which is fully uniform lighting and has the fastest flow of people. However, in order to retain customers, stores usually highlight goods with strong lights in specific areas.

Therefore, for large stores, consumers should be guided by logical display points and details, otherwise people may leave halfway.

(3) The lighting angle is also exquisite.

Different lighting angles have completely different visual effects. Lights have a delicate fantasy. Highlight the fresh and natural atmosphere.

Wonderful Use of Lighting Design in Jewelry Shop Decoration

(4). Create a sense of neatness

Compared with luxury goods, mass brands tend to have more products, and their own display is more crowded, so they need a brighter consumer environment.

So the light in the shop is well arranged. On the one hand, it can guide customers into the shop and make the shopping place form a bright and pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, it can highlight the characteristics and colors of the goods. It can not only attract customers’attention, but also enable customers to browse the goods in a comfortable visual environment, thus generating shopping impulse.

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