Let the jewelry display cabinet stand out in the mall design key points!

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With the progress of the times, people’s demand for quality of life has been further enhanced. Nowadays, Exhibition cabinets are not only the platform for displaying commodities, but also the representative of brand image and quality of commodities. Only Unique Jewelry Exhibition cabinets can be more attractive in the market. Today, we will learn how to make jewelry exhibition cabinets stand out in the market.

Contrastive colours

In the design of display cabinets in stores, soothing colors are generally not used, and the color relationship between goods and display cabinets must take into account the usual color role. For example, for brightly colored goods, the color of the exhibition cabinet should be grey; for light-colored goods, the color of the exhibition cabinet should be dark; for dark-colored goods, the color of the exhibition cabinet should be light. The contrast between display cabinet and commodity color can highlight the texture and commodity.

It should be noted that the main color system of the background wall must be complemented by the shape and color of the showcase in the shopping mall. Otherwise, there will be a very mismatched combination, which will affect the aesthetic and purchasing desire of customers.

Design convenience

Good jewelry display cabinet design can attract more customers. In the design, we should not only pay attention to personalized style, but also pay attention to people-oriented, convenient for employees and practical. Horizontal display can ensure that goods on shelves have appropriate area and space. Vertical arrangement can show different specifications and grades of the same variety. Proper space can display goods better, and also can provide convenience for salesmen to put on shelves, put goods and clean.

Pay attention to the sense of Modernity

The design of jewelry display cabinets should not only be based on functional requirements, but also shape the image of the store. Modeling with modern sense is mostly composed of simple straight lines, without redundant decoration, bright and solemn, changeable and stable. Functional composition is very prominent. Due to the different characteristics of the shape, volume and value of various types of commodities, showcases should be designed according to various types of commodities, which is the highlight of the market.

Let the jewelry display cabinet stand out in the mall design key points!

Pay attention to the sense of material quality

The material quality of jewelry exhibition cabinet is also the performance of quality. Different combinations of exhibition cabinet making materials can produce different exhibition cabinets, showing different effects. The combination of commonly used iron sheet, plate, titanium magnesium alloy and glass, glass and any material matches very well, it has the effect of transparent display, and the advantages of easy plasticity, so that it can make. When it is used in jewelry display cabinets in shopping malls, it has more extensive space.


The design of jewelry display cabinets in shopping malls is different from that in stores. Good design can attract customers to stop. We should pay attention to the unique and unique design. It is best to distinguish them from other businesses and impress customers. At the same time, decoration materials and decoration costs should be positioned according to customers’consumption level and aesthetic grade. After all, decoration also requires money. It is particularly important to control the decoration budget.

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