Why should we make a design before opening a phone shop?

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Mobile phones are one of the most popular electronic products. And our lives are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones. If you are going to open a mobile phone shop, this will be very promising. Because in addition to selling mobile phones, you can also provide customers with related services. Such as recharge fees, cell phone repairs. These can increase your income. Do you know what to do before opening a mobile phone shop?

In fact, before opening a mobile phone shop, we need to make a design first. Design is the basic step of opening a mobile phone store. And it is also a solution formulated for you according to your needs. It can satisfy all your needs on mobile phone shops. Also, the designed mobile phone shop is reasonable and achievable. The following is a detailed introduction of the necessity of design and the design process.

Necessity of design

1. Meet personal requirements

Each merchant’s shop size and personal requirements are different. People all hope that their mobile phone store is very unique and attractive. So they will think about the mobile phone stores. For example, what styles of display counters are needed. How many are there, and the overall style and layout of the store. Design can satisfy these needs and show them perfectly. Allowing you to see its actual effect.

phone shop
phone shop

This is a phone shop design we made for an American customer. As we can see, this phone shop has some wall display cabinets, a specially shaped sofa for customers and two glass display counters in the middle. Besides, there is a unique image wall, a checkout counter with logo and some light decoration. These are designed according to customer needs. And the customer like it very much. Finally, these display furniture are also produced in our factory and shipped to customers. Do you like this phone shop design?

2. Reasonable and achievable

After you tell the manufacturer all the requirements of the mobile phone shop, can they produce it as you said? The answer is not necessarily. We need to design according to the actual situation to express your requirements. And then make construction drawings based on the confirmed design drawing. Finally, we can produce interior display furniture for you. Such a designed mobile phone shop is very reasonable and achievable.

Therefore, whether it is to meet personal requirements, make the mobile phone shop more unique and attractive. Or to be able to produce more reasonable and actual indoor display furniture, we all need to design. Before opening a mobile phone shop, it is necessary to make a design.

Design process

  • Please feel free to tell us your all requirements about the phone store. Including the size, material, style, logo, etc.
  • Before designing, you need to pay the design fee. And the specific design fee depends on your shop size. But the design fee will refund the cost of the products when you place the order in our factory.
  • After we received the design fee, our designer will make a 3D design for you according to your requirements. And it will take 3-5 working days. Besides, if you have some changes to the design, we also can modify it for you in time.
  • After confirming the design, we will make a construction drawing for you. Let you check everything is good.
  • Finally, we will start production according to the construction drawing.

After reading the detailed introduction of the design above, you will better understand the importance of making a design before opening a mobile phone shop. When you are ready to open a mobile phone shop, please contact us in time. We have a professional design team and skilled workers. We can make a design and produce the inside display furniture for your mobile phone shop according to your requirements.

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