Key points of counter design and production in watch kiosk

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Do you know the key points of counter design and production in the watch kiosk? As we all know, a good display counter can highlight the characteristics of the product and attract more customers. Just like the beautiful glass jewelry showcases we saw in the mall. Today I want to share with you the key points of design and production of watch counters in shopping malls.

Meet the requirements of the mall

If you plan to start a watch business in a mall, your watch kiosk needs to meet the requirements of the mall. Including the watch kiosk size and material. So we will design and produce a new watch kiosk according to your shopping mall requirements.

watch kiosk

This is a popular watch kiosk that meets the requirements of the mall. Its size is 10 x 10 ft. And the based material is MDF with baking black and white paint. This kiosk has several rectangular and square glass display cabinets for watches. Customers can choose their favorite watch at will. In addition, the kiosk has a unique logo board and a checkout counter in the middle. This unique logo board can catch people’s eyes easily.

Make the most of space

We can reasonably design the watch display counter for you according to your inherent space. For example, there are two common counter designs that can make full use of space. The one is the combination of display counter and storage cabinet. We can design a glass display counter for watches on the top, and drawers or cabinets for storage on the bottom. This not only makes full use of space, but is also very practical.

watch kiosk
This is a watch kiosk that combines display and storage

The other is a corner display counter. If your location is not square, when you encounter a protruding corner, the corner display counter can make up for this defect. And make full use of the dead corner space to improve space utilization.

Practical display method

Usually we design the counter display method according to the product features. Common display methods for watch counters include wooden or glass display shelves and stepwise shelves. Wooden or glass display shelves can display different styles of watches or all watches of the same style.

watch kiosk
This is the glass display watch kiosk

And the stepwise shelves is a kind of display method like a ladder. Using it to display watches will give people a clear feeling. And it is convenient for customers to choose the watch.

Beautiful and attractive appearance

Heart of beauty in everyone. If you want to make your watch kiosk more outstanding and attractive, it’s best to add some lighting effects. Generally, we install led strips on the inside and bottom of the display counter based on customer requirements. This can not only illuminate and highlight the watches characteristics, but also easily attract people’s attention. Of course, we can also install light boxes and stickers for publicity on the counter outside. It will also have a very good decorative effect.

watch kiosk
This is a high-end watch kiosk

Otherwise, the special counter shape design is also very attractive. We often design and produce watch counters with square and curved display counters. They are very beautiful and novel. And at the same time give people a good impression.

The above are the key points of counter design and production in the watch kiosk. When you are going to start a business with a watch kiosk in the mall, they can be for your reference. And I hope it is helpful to you.

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