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Each large shopping mall all have a variety of different products display counters. And when we go to the mall, we always attract by the beautiful and unique kiosks. Today I want to introduce to you three kiosks that are very popular in shopping malls. They are coffee kiosk, mobile phone kiosk, and eyebrow kiosk.

Coffee kiosk

Coffee, one of the three largest beverages in the world, is very popular. It can promote the body’s metabolism, delay the aging process. And can effectively eliminate fatigue. Because of these characteristics, many merchants have started a coffee business in shopping malls. Therefore, we can always find the presence of coffee kiosks in the mall.

coffee kiosk

This is a 4.8 m by 3 m coffee kiosk with a roof. It is very big, right? This coffee kiosk contains two parts. One is the work area. From the picture, we can find the coffee kiosk countertop is stone. And it has a glass display cabinet for food, a checkout counter, a double-sink, some machines on the countertop. Besides, this kiosk has 3D light logos and some storage cabinets under the countertop.

And another part is the customer area. This coffee kiosk provides customers with a blue sofa, three sets of creative tables and chairs, and four seats like earphones. They are all very beautiful and unique. Customers can enjoy coffee and chat with friends here. It is so great. Do you like this coffee kiosk?

Mobile phone kiosk

The impact of mobile phones on our lives is very large. Besides the most basic communication functions, the mobile phone also includes entertainment, navigation, shopping, transfers, and other functions. Almost omnipotent. So if you plan to make a mobile phone kiosk in the mall, this would be a very good idea.

In addition, making the mobile phone kiosk can not only sell mobile phones, but also sell some mobile phone accessories and provide some related services. Such as mobile phone cases, earphones, chargers, mobile phone repairs. These can increase your profits.

phone kiosk

This is a 10 x 10 feet mobile phone kiosk. Its material is MDF with baking white and black paint. As we can see, this mobile phone kiosk is composed of multiple small display counters. To display phone accessories is two tall display counters with hooks and four small display counters with hooks. And two stepwise shelves is to display different phones. Also, there is a cash register and a long mobile phone repair station.

Otherwise, the kiosk has some acrylic logos and light boxes for promotion, and some lockers inside. This mobile phone kiosk is so versatile and hot sale. Do you want to make a mobile phone kiosk like this?

Eyebrow kiosk

As the saying goes, eyebrows are a person’s door curtain. A suitable and good-looking eyebrow shape not only makes you more beautiful, but also highlights your unique temperament. Therefore, it is not surprising that we saw the unique eyebrow kiosk in the mall. Below is the fashion high-end eyebrow kiosk shipped to Australia.

eyebrow kiosk
eyebrow kiosk

After seeing the real images above, we can find this is a quite unique and beautiful eyebrow kiosk. Its size is 5 m by 3 m. And its material has MDF with baking paint, solid wood strips, stainless steel, acrylic logo, and some light strips. This kiosk has three curved stations for eyebrow decoration, a cashier counter, and a sink counter.

Apart from this, there are two lightboxes, a special sign and a sofa for customers. When many people need eyebrow decoration, some customers can sit on the sofa to wait and rest. It is very convenient and considerate for customers. Do you think so?

The above are three popular kiosks in the mall. And they are also customized for our customers before. When you need a mall kiosk to start your business, please contact us on time. We can design and customize a new mall kiosk for you based on your demands.

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