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Do you like sweet food? In addition to being rich in nutrients, sweet food also help reduce stress and make people happy. Many people like sweet food, especially kids and girls. This is why businesses want to open sweet food shops. Are you also interested in opening a dessert shop?

Usually before opening a sweet food shop, we need to make a design first. Design is the most basic step. Not only can it meet all your requirements, it is also very reasonable and achievable. Today I want to share with you some design skills for sweet food shops.

Signboard design

In order to make your dessert shop more outstanding and attractive, sign design is very important. In addition, customers can also learn about your store and products from the signboard. This is also a very good publicity. Especially the unique and beautiful logos are more impressive. So most merchants will choose to make a simple, innovative, colorful and clear sign design.

There are many styles of signboards. The logo styles we often design for our customers include acrylic logos, 3D luminous logos, hollow logos and neon lights. If you have your own logo, you can send it to us. Then we will design suitable and special logo styles for you according to your requirements.

Lighting design

Different lighting effects can bring different feelings to customers. So we should also pay attention to lighting design. We can choose different colors of lights and lighting intensity to coordinate the lighting decoration of the entire store. Strive to create a comfortable shopping environment for customers.

First, we can design some ceiling lights or spotlights on the ceiling. And then design some light bars, poster light boxes or TV on the surrounding walls. This makes the whole shop brighter and more attractive. In addition, we can also design some LED strips on the display counters. This can highlight the characteristics of the product and help stimulate customers’ interest in understanding the product.

Layout design

The layout of the store is also particularly important. A good store layout not only provides convenience to customers, but also affects customers’ shopping experience. So we need to design the layout based on the style and product characteristics of the store. Let customers see the product information comprehensively, understand the feature of the product, and stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

First of all, we need to confirm what furniture is in the store and what the quantity is. Such as work counters, cash registers, display counters and some tables and chairs for customers. We usually design work counters and cashiers near the door. There are some display counters next to the window or work counter. And the tables and chairs for customers can adopt a surrounding layout. That is, around the work counter and display counters. In this way, customers can notice the product information at a glance. And it is very convenient for customers to make orders, eat and rest here.

The above sweet food shop design skills can be for your reference. If you need to equip your sweet food shop with high-quality design devices, please feel free to let us know. We will provide you with very professional and effective help.

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