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As we all know, the most important thing to run a store is the location of the store. Location selection is not only a simple decision. It is based on the profitability of opening a store, establishing a brand image, and continuously increasing sales. Therefore, many merchants will carefully consider the location selection before opening a store.

Next, I will take the watch shop as an example. To show you how to choose the location of the watch shop. Here are some tips for choosing a location for a watch store

Tip 1

Before opening a watch shop, we need to have a sense that the location of the shop should be suitable for doing watch business. We can choose a place where similar shops gather together. Just like what we often say is a street for electrical appliances, a street for fashion, a street for beauty, and a street for food. This is conducive to attracting a large number of customers to visit. And increase the choice for customers.

Tip 2

We should choose to open a store in an area with convenient transportation. Or in the vicinity of several major stations, and within a 20-minute walk of shops along the street.

Tip 3

When we choose the location of the watch store, it is best to choose a short intersection or an intersection. Because these locations have the largest flow of people. And we can also find some century-old stores and famous brands of big brands, most of them are located near crossroads.

Tip 4

For both sides of a road, business on one side is often good. But business on the other side is not good. Therefore, we should choose the side with larger passenger flow or more successful opening of other stores. This would be good for opening a store.

In addition, when there are many stores on both sides of the road, we need to choose the middle position. This can attract human traffic from all directions. And the general customer has the greatest choice when halfway through. It will help increase your sales.

Tip 5

For different roads, we should choose the first and second larger roads for the watch store. And try not to choose small roads or small alleys.

At the same time, we should choose those roads where there is no isolation zone or less isolation zone, where people and vehicles are mixed. Because if there is a barrier on the road, the speed of the car will be faster. In order to cross the road, pedestrians tend to overlook the shops on both sides of the road.

Tip 6

We can consider close to places where people gather. Such as supermarkets, shopping malls or theaters, cinemas, parks, and other entertainment venues. Or near large factories, institutions. On the one hand, it can attract the attention of pedestrians. On the other hand, it is easy for customers to remember the location of the watch shop. And it is convenient to promote to other people and guide customers to buy watches.

Tip 7

We can choose the watch store to be close to an area where the population will increase. Just as the development of enterprises, residential areas, and municipalities. It will add more customers to watch shops. And make the watch store operations more promising.

In general, the best locations and environments for watch shops are in commercial districts and downtown areas. And then shops along the street. Finally in communities. The above tips on choosing a location for a watch shop can be used as a reference. Hope it will be helpful to you who are preparing to open a shop

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