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Do you want to customize a nail kiosk?

Now more and more people like to start their own business. For example, if you want to open a nail store in the shopping mall, what do you need to think of? Normally, you need to rent a small place, choose a theme for the kiosk decoration and know the requirements of the shopping mall. But when choose your own kiosk deisgn. You must takes these things into consideration.

Nail kiosk design

The layout of the whole nail store

If you have a very small place, the layout is very important. Because, you can make full use of every space. However, if you choose a not suitable nail kiosk, you may waste some space and money as you paid rent nearly every day.

When you have the layout, you can arrange the work place, display area, storage place, etc. in advance. So when install the nail kiosk, just follow the layout is enough.

The color and style of the whole nail store

You can choose the best color you want to match the style. The first one is high-end style, you should choose black and white, brown color. The second one, common style, you can choose light color like orange, green, pink, blue color. If you want to let your own kiosk stand out and attractive, you can use mixed color. Like this one we show you.

Decoration and advertise

You can put light box on the back wall, the beautiful paint can attract customers’ attention. The wall can have many nail posters for the new nail stylish and TVs can play nail video and others. It will becomes a beautiful line of your nail kiosk. The 3d hollowed illuminate logo can let customers know your products and service and make your store more eye-catching. Do you want to customize your own kiosk?

That’s why we provide customize kiosk for customers. Hope you can also find a suitable style for your own store design. Thank you.

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