How to customize a food kiosk that meets US standards?

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When you walked in shopping center, you will notice there have so many different types of kiosk. such as food kiosk, phone counter, jewelry display showcase, clothing display rack, shoe display stand and more.

Do you know what’s the most popular service in 2019? I think it must be the food kiosk. it mainly for sale snack, fast food, ice cream, yogurt,candy, juice, coffee and well loved by consumers.

The advantages of the food kiosk business.

  • Low cost and high profit
  • Has a large customer base
  • Easy to operation.

If you plan to start your own mall food kiosk project. if you still not have ideas. Here are some special tips for US customers for your reference.

1.Material choose

Type 1. wooden finished counter.

Usually the wooden material is MDF and plywood. For most American stores, the basic material must be flame retardant and have a high fire rating.

Fire retardant MDF, usually is match baking painting finished, it’s very smooth and glossy. it’s very good to build and arc-shaped and some special shape.

Fire retardant plywood, match laminate and veneer. Due to its high hardness, it has some limitations in the construction of special modeling.

Type 2. stainless steel counter.

For some food Preparation counter, build of 304 stainless steel also is a very good choose. it’s very easy to Cleaning and handling.

Type 3. Solid wood.

Add some solid wood on the food kiosk to decoration it very nice. almost mall manager like solid wood, isn’t it?

2.Electric wire

If you plan to customize a kiosk in China, The biggest concern is the matching and installation of wires. As we know, The U.S. voltage is 110v, but in China is 220V. so all of the kiosk we will install a transformer to adjust it. And collocation UL electric wire and socket to used it.

3. Sink

If you but start a food kiosk business in USA mall. almost famous mall such as simon, westfield and GGP. They are especially strict about sinks. configuration a three-hole sink is required .

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your mall food business. if you’re interested to build a food kiosk in mall. if you still not have any ideas. welcome contact us. just share your ideas. we can customize and make it unique. welcome inquiry!

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