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Nowadays, The food industry leads the world in total consumption. People eat all kinds of food all the time. It’s not just about hunger , the most important is to enjoy the taste buds.

When you walked in shopping center, you will notice there have so many different types of food counter service. it not have so many big space, But business is booming.

Today, In this article i wanna share is some popular and hot sale top 10 mall food kiosk project for your meet.

1.bubble tea kiosk

bubble tea also called milk tea and boba tea, It is a popular tea beverage in Taiwan. After adding milk tea, it becomes pearl milk tea.

2.Coffee kiosk.

Coffee is one of the three major drinks in the world. It is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans. Along with cocoa and tea, coffee is the main drink popular in the world. cream kiosk

Ice cream including soft ice cream, roll ice cream and fried ice cream. There are also many different flavors. it’s very hot sale in summer.

4.Frozen yogurt kiosk

Yogurt is a sweet and sour milk drink, is milk as the raw material, after pasteurization and then added to the milk beneficial bacteria (starter), after fermentation, then cool filling of a cow dairy products. At present, yogurt products on the market are mainly made of solidified, stirred and added with various fruit flavors.

5.Juice kiosk

Fruit juice is the juice product which is obtained through physical methods such as pressing, centrifugation and extraction with fruit as raw material. It generally refers to pure fruit juice or 100% fruit juice. it’s very fresh and healthy.

6.Candy kiosk

Candy is always a favorite of children. Especially in the celebration of the festival, the supply of all kinds of candy is indispensable.

7.Fast food kiosk

this type food kiosk can located in shopping center or street, it mainly for provide some snack, dessert, fried food. soft drinks and more.

8.Corn kiosk

People always like try different flavors. Are you a corn fan like me? just use a steamer and some special spices. it’s so easy to start your corn business in mall.

9.Crepe & waffle

Crepe and waffle service also is very hot sale. It is a very popular snack, have space machine to making it.match some foods, vegetables, very nice.

10.cake & bread kiosk

When you are free or feeling tired, will eating some dessert with coffee make you happier?

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