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Usually if we use the kiosk for outdoor area we will need to close it in the night. So how can we secure and keep the kiosk beautiful? We have made some kind of kiosk used for outdoor with very strong door. Let me show you which kind of door we can choose.

Rolling door:

The rolling door is a multi – joint movement of the door piece in series together, in the fixed slide, with the upper part of the door scroll as the center of rotation up and down the door. Rolling doors are usually widely used in shops or outdoor area.

Press open type, rolling curtain door can be divided into: manual rolling curtain and electric rolling curtain.

Manual shutter: with the help of the central axis of the shutter torsional spring balance force, achieve the purpose of pulling the shutter manually.

Electric shutter: drive the central shaft of the shutter with a special motor to rotate, to the shutter switch, when the rotation to the upper and lower limit set by the motor automatically stop.

According to the door material, shutter door can be divided into: aluminum alloy rolling door, crystal rolling door, stainless steel rolling door, color steel rolling door, PVC rolling door.

Glass window door:

This kind of door can only used for small size outdoor kiosk. Because the glass will be a little heavy and cannot open it easily. But this kind of door will be more good looking.

Please see the sample pictures as following:

Folding shutter door:

Glass folding door appearance fashion leisure, sliding easy to open, waterproof and moisture-proof, sound insulation effect is good, wear and durability not fade, green environmental protection, easy to install, good sealing, strong practicability, folding noise, no deformation, large area of glass design, let its lighting effect better.

Because crystal folding door is glass shape, so in fact, there are certain benefits, such as your store, you need to sell your products. So you need customers can see your products at a glance, or you will put the best products in front of the glass window. When customers go through the window, if they like or want, they will come back to the store and buy it. This is really a good way of sales. Do you think so?

Welcome to inquiry if you have more questions about the doors of outdoor kiosk. We are looking forward to cooperating with you sincerely!!

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