How does the production of baking paint work?

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Most of the kiosk made of MDF with baking paint except the food kiosk. Such as cellphone kiosk, eyebrow threading kiosk, candy kiosk, cosmetic kiosk, beauty salon kiosk and jewelry kiosk all mostly use this material. We started with the 3d design and it is amazing how you go from nothing to something. What is the production process going?

1. Prepare the materials:

After we confirm the 3d design and construction drawing we will send the drawings to the factory. The woodworker will inspect the drawing and cutting the basic material – MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ).

2. Start to make the wood body:

The woodworker will make the kiosk according to the construction drawing. It has all the detailed size inside so before the production customer need to check the drawings very carefully. Because once start the production they cutting the material, the size cannot change.

3. Polish the wood body:

When the wood body took shape we will polish the kiosk. The substrate is sanded with coarse sandpaper, then scrape putty to fill small holes in the surface and polish putty when dry.

4. Primer spray: 5 times

Primer is the first layer of the paint system, used to increase the fullness of the topcoat, provide alkali resistance, provide anti-corrosion function etc., while ensuring uniform absorption of the topcoat, it is more focused on the final decoration and appearance, while the primer focuses on improving adhesion and anti-corrosion etc.

5. Finish paint: 2 times

Finish paint is a layer of paint that is finally applied in a multi-layer coating. It should have good resistance to external conditions, must have the necessary hue and decoration, and have a protective effect on the undercoat. For topcoats used outdoors, paints with excellent weatherability should be used.

Very beautiful finishing right? Any questions about the painting job please feel free to contact us. Welcome to inquiry if you want such a amazing kiosk or shop!!!

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