How to start an Eyebrow Threading kiosk business in the mall?

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Eyebrow threading is an easy cost effective business that can be done anywhere. Eyebrow threading mall kiosk in the UK has become a very popular treatment over the least few years and with a few tips and ideas you could benefit from starting your very own threading business. There is a huge potential for earning good money as a self employed beauty therapist offering eyebrow threading as a service. Look at most salons and even shiopping malls these days and they have signs for threading in their windows. As we all know mall kiosk is a low-cost alternative to start a retail business, we have created a step by step guide to help you get started.

Small layout like “ Rose eyebrow ” size 10 x 10 ft. It has 3 working areas, one sink, small cashier counter and some display area. The display area can use to show some products like eyebrow pencil, eyebrow trimmer and some other cosmetics.

If you find a big location, we can make it big layout like 5×3 or 6x3m. This layout usually have at least 4 working areas and the difference is it will have the seating area. When the customers become more and more the seating area can for the customers to seat and waiting. While the guests are waiting, you can offer some drinks and snacks so that they won’t get too bored. Setting up a eyebrow threading mall kiosk business is not expensive. But you should offer the best service to your clients and let them satisfied.

Please feel free to contact me about the eyebrow threading mall kiosk. Welcome to inquiry!!

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