Why should we use glossy baking paint for mall kiosk

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When design and production your own kiosk, we will use high glossy baking paint for decoration the kiosk. However, do you know why should we use this materials, especially in jewelry kiosk, phone kiosk and beauty salon furniture? Let’s learn more about the backing painting together.

Baking paint varnish, a new method of making paints (process) in the manufacture of display showcase. The advantages are bright color, can attract eye attention , shiny surface, easy to clean and moisture-proof, fireproof. And it can change to any color, white, yellow, blue, green, and so on. So more and more customers like this process.

There are three types of topcoats for high glossy baking paint, PU paint, PE paint, and UV paint. UV paint is a truly green paint that does not contain any volatile substances. Products made with UV paint are green, healthy and environmentally friendly. It’s very common used to make display showcase

Glossy baking paint

You may want to know whether it’s acceptable in the shopping mall. The fact is that nearly every mall like baking paint kiosks. Because it’s obey the rules. Last time, one of my customers told us that the mall asked him to change the baking paint to another material (The fact is that the paint required by the mall is not suitable for the customer’s kiosk. Only suitable for metal surfaces). However, we explained the process of glossy backing paint and show the benifits, the mall manager agreed with the design and finally approved. So, baking paint is a good choice when production your own kiosk.

Now let’s show you how the baking paint used to the kiosk

This eyebrow kiosk used red, black and white glossy baking paint. You can use it for your own kiosk. Thank you for the time.

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