Why do we build hair salon kiosk in the shopping mall?

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Shopping mall kiosks are becoming more and more popular, and it is hard to find a location in the mall. There are some malls where the rent i really high, but there are still a lot of people willing to rent a place. I think we all know why. The biggest reason is the location. We all know it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and we don’t have to be exposed to the sun and wind. The most important reason is the flow of people. More people, more business. In the mall, we rarely seem to see a barber kiosk. The most common ones are the pantry and the cellphone or jewelry kiosk. But today, i want to show you the hair salon kiosk. It has great advantages in the mall.

Let’s look at its design first.

This is a large size kiosk. It can cut hair and sell products. The mall is a very large shopping center. Many people are familiar with the mall, but not necessarily with the location of the barber shop. When we do business, we tend to go where the people are and where it is easy to find. Shopping malls have this advantage. Look at the kiosk above. Its design is no different from of a typical barber shop. The exterior of the kiosk can be set up at will, you can decorate it yourself. Ans it is very simple. For example, ass a poster for a promotional light box, or put up a nice sticker.There is also a glass display on the outside of the kiosk. So people outside can browse your products and make choices.

When we are free, we usually go shopping with our friends or family. We have everything here. We can eat,  shop and get a haircut in the mall. It is very convenient. You can take your child or your husband to make a hairstyle. We all know that men rarely go shopping, and children are less likely to go shopping alone. So, in the mall, we can do a lot of things, and also save a lot of time. Sometimes it take a long time to get a haircut, so we can visit other places while waiting for our friends or relatives. So, setting up a barber kiosk in the mall can get you a lot of customers, and it doesn’t cost much. If you cannot get that big of a position, we can make a small one. Like this:

This one with small size, and inside just have 2 work area. It also have glass showcase. Some people prefer small spaces, because it is quieter. This is more suitable for cutting hair, because it is less space, there is no extra space to wash hair. Generally, this kind of kiosk is more popular with men.

The location of the mall, the flow of people are very suitable for you to open a barber kiosk. You can use it to develop your brand. We can make an impression on the public first. If you want to learn more barber kiosks, you can visit our website. www.uniquekiosk.com

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