How to open a unique sweet candy kiosk in the mall

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Eating candy can relieve stress and make people feel happy, and it can provide our body with energy that can sustain human life activities. Especially children like candy in different colors and shapes because they are attractive and have a sweet flavor. According to statistics, the average annual global candy consumption is about 3 kg. So it’s a great idea to open a sweet candy kiosk in the mall and earn more money. Here are some ideas to help you choose a suitable sweet candy kiosk to start.

sweet candy kiosk

First, rent a suitable place in the mall. The most popular dimension is about 3m×2m, 10ft×10ft and 15ft×12ft. And a normal space will release our budget and we should know the regulations of the mall. Second, confirm the decoration and style of sweet candy display kiosk. As the kiosk is not only a showcase for candy but also a symbol to customer. An attractive design can bring more sales volume. Third, design and production the kiosk before opening. The design will show the layout and style of candy kiosk clearly, so we can directly see if the kiosk meets our requirements, and it is more convenient to make it better in the design. Finally, choose the right candy cover to place. The candy cover should fit the sweets you sell and be good for customers.


Here is an example for you. This candy kiosk is 5m×3m, it with ceiling, full of light to high light the products. And we can see there are many box cover on the counter top. the color, style and material should change according to customers’ demand. Besides, we should also add light and posters to the kiosk, the light can make candies more delicious and the posters can better advertise new products in the shop.

sweet candy kiosk

When you have no idea about decoration, please feel free to contact us! We will give you more suggestions. Thank you for reading.

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