New design ideas for coffee store decoration to fit different sizes

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Recently, many people required about unique coffee store decoration, they wants a high end design and can better match to their brand. So today, I want to introduce this coffee store decoration to you. It may help you get good ideas.

Before opening a coffee store, we should first renting a place and confirm the size. Next we can considering decoration and design. As we can see in the design, the dimension is 16m×6m. The whole store use dark color for decoration with white brand logo. Usually, dark color can express a high end feeling to customers and it’s the color match to coffee. When we enter the store, it gives us a feeling that it’s clean and comfortable.

coffee store decoration

The paint and photos can not only decoration the shop but also make us relax for a while. And the tile wall can hidden the working table and also high light the store. The whole store use white spotlight and warm chandelier. The white light mainly for bright and warm light creates a soft atmosphere. Let’s view more details of this coffee store decoration.

When decoration our own coffee shop, we should also confirm how many machines included in the design. So we can leave a suitable place to install them. Also, we have to leave enough space for storage coffee beans and other ingredients. If possible, adding some book shelve can be a great idea to attracts more clients.

Usually, we need only a unique shop decoration, so people can know us at the first time. So we need to come up new ideas to earn more volume. We need to look for a professional design team to complete the design drawing based on our own idea, so we can see all the details clearly and can adjust to make it better. If you need such a service, please feel free to contact us! Thank you.

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