What does it take to start a ice cream business?

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We all know ice cream is very popular. And more and more people are starting their own businesses. And ice cream is one of the most popular products.Especially in summer. Why do so many people like to eat ice cream? Ice cream has a special flavor, ice cream as one of the hot summer cold drink food. Unique taste, aromatic aftertaste, changing color make it in the hot summer to give people with a different flavor. Do you want to do ice cream business? Do you know how to start it? The first and most important thing is that you know it, you know how it’s one and what it requires. And then you have to an innovative brain that knows how to make delicious, unique ice cream flavors. OK, let’s talk about what does it take to start a ice cream business.

Raw Materials

Ice cream’s main materials are water, milk, milk powder, cream(or vegetable fat) and sugar. We all know that there are many options for other materials besides water, and there are so many on the market both branded and unbranded, different kinds of food taste different. So you have to choose the best quality and mix out the best flavor, which takes a long time and a lot of effort. We all know that the beginning of everything is difficult, only to do the first job well, later will be easy. So we have to harder and test on materials and taste. Let customers remembers the taste of your ice cream. Please pay more attention to the raw materials.

Booth Budget

In the early stag, we should choose a more lively place, a downtown area with more people or a snack street. These places are outdoors and the weather will affect our sales.Another places is the shopping mall, it has the best environment and there are many people every day. It is one of the most advantageous places.But its rent is high. If you don’t have many budget, you can choose to make a street small cart to start your first business. If you want to choose a better environment and can afford the mall rent, you can choose to make a mall kiosk to start your business. After you have made your choice, you can purchase the street cart or mall kiosk you need. The price of the cart and the kiosk is also different, the cost of the cart is relatively low, the area is small. The kiosk is relatively expensive, the area is large, and multi-functional.

Maybe you don’t know street cart and mall kiosk very well, let’s look at the following.

Street Cart

The size of street carts is generally not too large, the length is not more than two meters. And the width is about 800mm. The height is generally no more than 2.4m. Its material can be stainless steel or wood. Ice cream is easy to melt products, when we consider the refrigerator, we should also consider the size of the cart. To prevent the refrigerator or other equipment is too heavy. Let’s have a look at the reference picture of the street cart.

Mall Kiosk

Mall kiosk have many size, in general, the minimum size is 2x2m. Common size is 2-5×2-3m. Its shape is usually square and round. You can put some machines and equipment inside. It can with sink. You can wash your hand and products. Outside the kiosk are some light box posters, such as some pictures of ice cream , which look very good. You can also put your logo on it. It can develop your brand. They are all customizable, and you can design it according to your ideas.Let’s look at real mall ice cream kiosk pictures.


Do you have some idea what to do? Choose good materials, create unique taste, choose sales locations and booth. In the New Year, as long as you have ideas, have the ability to innovate. You will be successful, the important thing is to persevere, provide good quality and service ,do not forget the original intention. I wish you prosperity in 2020.

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