Why baking painting mall kiosks become popular?

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Painting is widely used in mall kiosk building and store fixtures manufacturing. Craft paint the popularity of shopping mall kiosk:
The material, paint the bottom three sides, each side will enter the paint room baking. We only need to paint the two bottom sides and then dry naturally enough, so this two-pac on paint material will be more than painting.

Philips white painting kiosk

On the device, now not all ideas kiosk home has paint room, paint room to make a down but also tens of thousands of pieces, then the equipment is relatively good news since the price above will definitely have to increase the loss of equipment, the cost of natural increase, is just a paint is a painting than a high price,

How white paint placed on MDF?

but the customer is not willing to pay high prices to do a product, and now good painting technique, the difference between surface and paint the difference is not great, kiosk the most important is the surface, the surface is basically good-looking beautiful no problem.

Customer demand is the main cause of paint than paint on the market, many customers say Damn I want to paint, after the last quote of how expensive you say Oh, ah, people so and so who is no paint so expensive, you really you have to find out about it? he really did paint it? This phenomenon no one particularly cares paint and painting after a long time, unless there are special requirements that we must paint, but also to professionals working manufacturer inspection, or else are doing direct painting, paint customers say that is paint, we all know we are not going to understand seriously care about this matter, so now the painting has become a paint.

Paint and paint the essence of what you do not see the difference, and now most of them are painted in the marketplace in the majority, but many people believe is paint, and what causes it? I said earlier there are differences in normal paint and baking paint, but now the painting technique is also very good.

If you are not a professional can not be seen is a substantial difference between paint and paint, these are not apparent, can only say paint than painting look to more full, but not everyone can see that which is full of what is not full, this is no two practical matter together contrast and professional commentary on the side.

Then is not simply resolved out, customers now demand are good quality, affordable, paint than the price of a few hundred pieces per meter-high painting, if you want to make a few hundred meters of kiosk that will be more of the tens of thousands of blocks in total, so many customers will choose to paint, so paint slowly making less.

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