Shopping malls and ordinary paint kiosk any big difference.

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What kind of paint mall kiosk is a high-quality, looks wonderful? and what kind of kiosk a long service time? the so-called mall used painted cabinet comes from doing paint to paint the usual intake kiosk skills, so people used to call these the types of kiosk paint cabinets.

1, Paint techniques in recent years to grow and catch up fast contrast, in recent years, is also a popular kiosk contrast, grew up with paint techniques and catch up greatly raise the quality of the design and construction aspects of the kiosk. then paint cabinet compared with the usual kiosk the advantages, what does?

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Mall used jewelry kiosk

3, paint cabinet is much better than usual kiosk tone it difficult color, but also very easy to take care of them, and rich tone paint kiosk may wish to why diversity mode, displaying on the brand and product phenomenon to show the characteristics of the product has a good reflection.

2, Painted cabinets life longer than a usual kiosk. Kiosk usual even in the form of comparative good nursed back to health. It is also difficult to withstand the temper of the hour while playing three cabinet paint on the substrate, over the primer, four times paint, paint it again on each. they are sent to the barn clean constant temperature baking. therefore useful to raise its service life.

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