3 features on mall cell phone retail kiosk display.

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Most people recognize and know the mall kiosk design from the first visual when seen it. perhaps only for its exterior styling and modern shape. but on the basis of some of its own characteristics may measure specification is not easy to figure out and understanding.

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Therefore, This will cause the most customers in the election purchase only be based on appearance and presentation effects mall kiosk. and ignore some of the more important content.

Thus, here we will follow after all kind of retail display furniture at the mall kiosk of some basic norms and our brief introduction will be able to be called a fashionable shopping mall kiosk.

Three basic features for a mall retail kiosk

1, Build in the middle of mall

Most of the kiosk stand lease are quite different from the inline store. Because they are a location in the corridor or middle of empty space inside mall. Shopping mall wants to maximum use of the space to make a profit, so mall kiosk come for rental.

2. With Stardard size and limited dimension.

Because mall retail kiosk is in the middle of the mall. You can not build it as high as you want. Because it may block the view of other shops. Besides the height, the width cannot access the mall criteria. Must have enough safety space for passerby.

3. Portable kiosk

Most of the mall kiosk are not permanent stall. You are not allowed to damage the floor, Usually, when they plan the mall layout all the wirings and plumbing are organized ready to use.

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