4 Tips on shopping mall kiosk panels connections!

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Do u know how the kiosk build? Do you know how kiosk panels are installed? Today is the content of this field give you about, we hope that through this article, you can have some of the ideas of kiosk production knowledge and understand how the kiosk are build. Now, let’s look at it related to the introduction:

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1, in the manufacture of a shopping mall kiosk, kiosk before the first manufacturing planning and validation must be very clear intent and kiosk special needs planning, in order to establish a consensus on both sides of Planning Concepts

2, shopping mall kiosk a business or planning to fully understand the intrinsic characteristics of a brand: the corporate culture: VI, CI, VIS; target customer behavior, psychology, preferences, consumer demand and other factors work; the price of the product, personality, appearance, color , and other features, concepts conceived to supply PROGRAM kiosk foundation.

3, and operators study with planned features and brand image features shopping kiosk of reference, mutatis mutandis, planning ideas and concepts, whether reconcile (theme color, lighting, illumination, and color temperature), whether visual impact and make recommendations of the kiosk join Program.

4, Contact with the property management and security management and learn about electricity, fire, safety, and environmental protection as well as shopping mall certain specific requirements to ensure fit kiosk planning, manufacturing requirements and inspection requirements. So: kiosk of planning, manufacturing methods is an extremely rich kiosk, shopping mall kiosk production knowledge required businesses and professional display manufacturers to work together end.

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