What’s the height of the reception counter is the best?

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When you choose a reception desk, have you ever been confused: what kind of reception should you choose? What size is suitable? Is my larger reception more suitable? Before you figure out the size, one thing must be considered, that is where will the reception counter go to use?

white & black office reception desk from Unique

In fact, what kind of location with what size of reception table is very important. What I want to share with you today is the size of the reception desk. How high is the reception desk? The company’s front desk is a display of the corporate image. I don’t know how to choose the size of the front desk. At this time, choosing customization is a good choice.

The customized company’s front desk has the advantage that the ordinary front desk cannot match. Which is the best front desk customization company? Now let’s introduce the relevant products of the reception desk to you.

The customized front desk of the business or office – fashionable, simple, modern style, baking varnish front desk.

Modern style white paint front desk

Unique linear panel design, smooth lines and aesthetic modeling, showing modern fashion style, reference size: length 2100 * width 700 * height, material selection of MDF paint, high-density base material, surface has been done with fire treatment; brushed stainless steel skirting, with antifouling, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant functions, more suitable for science and technology enterprises.

Customized company front desk – quartz stone rectangular front desk

Marble reception desk dimension

Quartz stone (marble) veneer, high-grade, atmospheric, versatile style, wear-resistant and not easy to change color, modern simple style, both beautiful and also integrated a variety of practical functions. Reference dimensions: 2000mm * 600mm * 1100mm, 2400mm * 600mm * 1100mm, 2800mm * 600mm * 1100mm, 3000mm * 600mm * 1100, available in white, oak, teak, etc. Material selection, melamine board, quartzite (marble).

Company front desk customization

Office reception counter from Unique

The reception desk of the front desk, the new concept of simple office design, environmental protection, and health, professional waterproof, thickened board, high-strength desktop. The color of the reception desk is black and white, the overall effect is simple and fashionable, with a sense of technology. The 25mm thick panel can bear a maximum weight of 200KG.

German Haomai edge bonding machine, firm and hard to fall off, professional waterproof. The solid particleboard is made of food-grade adhesive and the base material is more than five years old. Table foot 90-degree design, simple and capable without losing elegance, protect the floor and carpet. High strength E1 grade plate is adopted, the surface is waterproof and scratch-resistant, and no harmful gas is produced.

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