How to customize a perfect office reception front desk?

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The enterprise front reception desk is the table placed in the office area that customers or visitors first see when they enter the company. It represents the image and brand level of the enterprise. Therefore, The customization needs to be appropriate to the overall style of the enterprise. The material used in the reception desk can be glass, slab or marble, etc. Chosen A right material must according to the enterprise culture.

So, if the front desk of an enterprise needs to be customized, how should the size be fixed? Perhaps some people think that the size certainly large enough to appear atmospheric, height is suitable for the needs of office sitters. In fact, the specific size of enterprise reception desk customization, or need to be based on the actual size of the use site and the angle of placement to determine.

white reception desk
White reception desk for XAL

What’s the best size of the reception front desk?

Generally, the size of the front desk is set as follows:

The length is 1200-1650 mm and the depth is 560-900 mm. It is enough to leave about 1220-1470 mm inside. This is the size of a single reception desk, which can be lengthened according to the situation. maybe you will have two seats reception desks or 3 recetpionist or even more.

If the hotel is a stand-by service, the service desk is about 1.5 meters high, which is convenient for customers to sign. If it’s sitting service, it’s about 1 meter.

In addition, there are some details for reference: if the front desk is a stand-up service, the height of the reception desk is generally about 1.2 meters, the width is less than 0.5 meters, which is convenient for guests to write, but also can properly shield the workbench; the workbench of employees is generally 0.8-0.9 meters in height and 0.6 meters in width, which is convenient for operating computers and writing. If it is the reception desk of sitting service, the counters of guests and employees should be parallel.

white front desk design
SPARKLE front reception desk for cosmetic & spa

4 Tips on Reception Desk customization

When customizing the reception desk, we should pay attention to several matters:

  1. The Coordination between reception desk and indoor background;
  2. Mix Coordination between reception desk and ground materials;
  3. Design Coordination between reception desk and interior design and decoration;
  4. Focus on Coordination of the size, quality and function of the reception desk with the size of the office environment;

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