Why the front counter desk is important to a company?

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We all know that the first impression is very important in interpersonal communication. Therefore, as the front desk of the company, it is very important for the overall design. We all hope to design it as one of the highlights of the office and give visitors a positive impression.

Typically, the presentation of a company’s corporate culture is reflected in the front desk, which is also a symbol of a company’s facade. The decoration design of the office’s front desk is also a very important decoration area. Different corporate culture and decoration styles also directly affect the decoration design style of the office’s front desk.

Simple single-seat front desk

Excellent front desk design not only gives a deep impression but also improves the recognition of the company. So, if you want to company to be unique, make a unique front counter design will helpful.

What does the front desk mean for a company?

We all know that the front desk means a lot to a company, but from which aspect can we have a glance at it? Generally speaking, the front desk has three meanings:

  • The receptionist is a post, one person is enough.
  • The front desk office furniture is a furniture set.
  • The whole front desk area is a generalized front desk, which is a scene, a facade space, a cultural atmosphere, and an experience feeling.

The design form of the front desk is very diverse, simple, fashionable, creative and concise. A high-quality front desk with high appearance value and high standard is necessarily the best portal to reflect the company’s image.

Therefore, the front desk decoration must not be sloppy. The choice of color, the refinement of materials, the use of light and shadow, and the deliberation of modeling are all determined by the style type of the company. It can be called a brilliant marketing strategy to add highlights to the company through an unusual front desk design because it sometimes causes an attractive impulse.

How to design a meaningful front desk?

organic shaped reception desk

Color is the first element of vision and the orientation of the company. It should be integrated with the overall decoration design style of the company. And It is necessary to unify the front desk and the corporate culture. For example, the main color of an enterprise is blue. In order to unify, the color of the background wall should be the same color system.

In addition, the background walls of cultural companies’ offices should be decorated in blue, black, green and other cool colors, while the background walls of investment companies’ offices should be decorated in stable colors, such as Chinese red, Tibetan blue, dark blue, dark gray, diamond blue, etc.;

The office of educational institutions should be decorated in diamond blue, green, dark blue, red, etc.; The background walls of manufacturing offices should be decorated in diamond blue, green, dark blue, red, etc. After all, Only well arrange for office design can you manage a suitable front desk. If you want to design a unique office desk fron counter, welcome to contact us.

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