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Are you looking for a T-shirt kiosk? If you want to make a T-shirt kiosk to start your business, you need to learn something important. Including the location, size, style, logo, and material of the T-shirt kiosk. You can choose to customize to complete these. In this way, the customized T-shirt kiosk will meet all your requirements. And it is very suitable and perfect.

The materials and styles of each retail kiosk are different. For materials, do you know what’s the best surface material for the T-shirt kiosk? Today I want to share with you several common surface materials in commercial display furniture. I hope you have a better understanding of surface materials. And choose the most suitable surface material for your T-shirt kiosk.

Laminate finish

Laminate also calls high-pressure laminate, and it is a flame retardant. It has good wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, scale resistance, and anti-permeability. Besides, the laminate does not fade and is easy to clean. Thence, it often uses as a surface material for food kiosks and some retail kiosks with machines and water. The following is a food kiosk with the laminate finish.

ice cream shop design

Baking paint finish

In general, the base material of baking varnish is MDF. Its process is to polish the surface first. Then apply three primers, two topcoats, and dry. After drying, polish and bake at high temperature to make a shape. The baking painted surface is very smooth, flat, bright in color. And high temperature resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean. In addition, you can choose any color paint. Below is the white color baking painted T-shirt kiosk.

Solid wood finish

Because of the natural appearance and beautiful texture of solid wood, many people choose it as the surface treatment of retail kiosks. Usually solid wood surface treatment finished by adding some solid wood strips and decorative patterns. In this way, retail kiosk with solid wood surface treatment will give people a natural and comfortable feeling. And look very high-end and durable. As we can see, below is an eyebrow kiosk with white color solid wood strips finish.

Stone surface finish

Usually, there are three common stone surface finishes. They are artificial stone surface finish, marble surface finish, and quartz stone surface finish. Because artificial stone can seamlessly splice and form at will. Also, it is very durable and easy to clean. It is the most widely used stone surface finish. Marble and quartz stone will produce gaps and are difficult to bend and change shape. Therefore, they often use as surface materials for flat countertops. Here is a yogurt kiosk with the stone countertop.

Aluminum plastic panel

The aluminum-plastic panel is a combination of aluminum and polyethylene plastic. It has the characteristics of fire resistance, moisture resistance, sun protection, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. Therefore, it often uses in the production of outdoor retail kiosks. Just like this outdoor food kiosk below.

After reading the above several common surface materials, you can choose the baking paint surface finish and solid wood surface finish for your T-shirt kiosk. Of course, this is just a suggestion.

Before choosing a surface material for the T-shirt kiosk, you need to consider many factors. For example, your budget, the use of the T-shirt kiosk (whether it is used indoors or outdoors), what effect the shirt kiosk should achieve, etc. You need to combine these actual conditions to choose the right surface material. So as to maximize the role of the T-shirt kiosk and make it more attractive.

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