3 Tips for bubble tea kiosk decoration

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Are you going to make a bubble tea kiosk? Bubble tea is one of the most popular drinks nowadays. If you have this intention, it will be a pretty good choice. And are you thinking about how to decorate your bubble tea kiosk? An outstanding bubble tea kiosk cannot do without unique and beautiful decoration. Because beautiful decorations will increase sales and attract more customers for you.

Now I would like to introduce you 3 tips for bubble tea kiosk decoration. When you are preparing to make a bubble tea kiosk, they can be for your reference.

Tip 1: Hollow luminous logo + bubble tea cup decoration + image board with menu light box

The logo of the bubble tea kiosk is very important. Because it is not only the facade of the bubble tea kiosk but also represents your products. So in order to express its special meaning and become attractive, most people choose to design a new and unique logo. Just like this bubble tea kiosk below. It has the hollow colored logo.

This logo is composed of multiple hollow circles of different sizes and a mini cute animated character. Especially when the hollow colored logo and the pink light strip at the bottom light up at the same time, they complement each other and look very dazzling. This makes the whole bubble tea kiosk more unique and attractive. And there is a large bubble teacup decoration. It is very visual and easy to grab people’s attention.

In addition, it is so great to make a big imageboard with a pattern, logo, and several menu lightboxes. This way customers can easily know all of your products and make ordering easier. What a nice decoration for the bubble tea kiosk. Do you like this decoration?

Tip 2: Black and white matching + frosted glass with patterns + a bar for customers

The color matching of the bubble tea kiosk affects the overall decoration. You can match the colors according to your bubble tea kiosk style. Just like this bubble tea kiosk below. In order to match its modern and simple style, it uses black and white as the main colors. The white counters are decorated with black solid wood panels and logo cards. It makes the kiosk very stylish and beautiful.

In particular, this bubble tea kiosk has the frosted glass with patterns decoration. The black bubble tea pattern with white frosted glass is a very good decorative highlight. And once again highlights the style of the kiosk. This frosted glass with patterns can not only decorate the kiosk but also separate the work counter from the outside.

In addition, this bubble tea kiosk also sets up a bar for customers. It is very convenient for customers to taste bubble tea and enjoy their leisure time here. How great. Do you think so?

Tip 3: Square bubble tea kiosk + top frame with menu light box + acrylic logo

Every bubble tea kiosk size is different. You can design the kiosk shape according to your location size. For example, there are common square, rectangular, and curved bubble tea kiosk. Different kiosk shapes have different decorations.

As we see this bubble tea kiosk below. Its size is 2.5 x 2.5 m. So it is generally square. The difference is that you can choose to change the edges and corners to arcs like this kiosk. This can prevent people and collisions with the kiosk. And you can also design a special shape and logo on the outer layer of the kiosk. It is very unique and beautiful.

Otherwise, you can also decorate your bubble tea kiosk by the top frame. The top frame is very useful. Besides decoration, you can not only place your logo and some spotlights on the top frame. let people will notice your kiosk in the distance. You can also place some poster lightboxes or menu lightboxes. It is very helpful to promote your product and catch people’s eyes.

Just like this stylish and cute bubble tea kiosk. It has a white top frame and four purple pillars. And there are acrylic logos, a long poster lightbox, and some spotlights on the top frame. Make the overall decoration looks beautiful and attractive. Do you want to make a decoration like this?

These are 3 tips for bubble tea kiosk decoration above. They are so special and beautiful. Do you like them? When you plan to make a bubble tea kiosk, you can choose the one you like. And then send it to us. So we will make a bubble tea kiosk similar to it for you. Of course, we also can help you change some details according to your needs.

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