How to decoration a hand lamp shop in a good way?

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Hey, my friend. Are you going to open a shop to start a business? In this era of rapid economic development, starting a business is very popular. And there are many profitable business plans. If you want to start a business with a shop, do you know how to decorate your store in a good way? Right, it is the best solution to make a design for your store.

In fact, all designs start around your needs. For example, the size of your shop, your favorite style, logo, etc. In other words, design is also a way to decorate your shop. And the designed shop is very reasonable and achievable. Today I want to share with you an amazing hand lamp shop decoration process. And it starts with the design first.

Some ideas about design

Last month, a customer in Kuwait found me through the website. He told me that he would cooperate with his friend to open a hand lamp shop. And plan to make a design for the shop first. He told me some of his decoration ideas for the hand lamp shop.

He hoped that there were some wall cabinets and a central showcase to display hand lamps in the store. A TV uses to promote products. A table and two chairs for customers. In addition, he told me about the size of his store, the main theme of the logo, and the number of products. Also, he sent me some reference pictures of his favorite showcase.

From these ideas, we can know that he has deeply thought about how to decorate his hand lamp shop. Yes, the design starts with size and style. Usually, the designer will reasonably arrange the size and layout of the indoor display furniture for you according to the size of the store. And match with decorative colors according to your favorite style. Let’s see how to start designing it.

The design point 1 — store size

This hand lamp shop size is 3.52 x 4.40 x 2.45 m. Therefore, we need to design the size and quantity of wall cabinets and showcases according to the store size. For example, we set the total length of the wall cabinets on both sides to 3.2 meters and 2.4 meters. And their height is 2.2 meters.

In the same way, the size design of the central showcase and the table and chairs is the same. But only these are not enough. It also needs a checkout counter. Of course, also designing the size of the cash register according to the size of the store and the showcase.

In addition, the store size also affects the overall layout. According to the length of the hand lamp shop, we set up an image wall with a TV on the front. In front of the image wall is a checkout counter with a logo and a glass display counter with two chairs. In the middle, there is a long display counter for hand lamps.

On the other side, arrange the number of wall cabinets according to the width of the store. There are four wall cabinets on one side. And on the other side, there are three wall cabinets and a large lightbox. Besides, we set up some ceiling lights and spotlights to make the shop brighter. Can you imagine its overall layout?

hand lamp shop
hand lamp shop

Looking at this design, is it the same as you imagined? And is this design very beautiful? This is a hand lamp shop design made according to customer needs. The customer and his friends liked it very much after seeing it. They think that this is the hand lamp shop they want, and immediately place an order. Do you like this design?

The design point 2 — store logo

As we all know, a logo is the facade of a store. It represents your products and business ideas. Therefore, the overall decoration of the store should also match the logo. According to the customer’s logo and the modern and simple style he wants, we set black, white, and orange as the main tone decoration. As we see the design above.

What an amazing design process! In fact, this is the process of a hand lamp shop from zero to become unique and beautiful decoration. In this process, it is very important to determine the size and main tone of the store. After reading this article, I believe you have better learning of how to decorate a shop.

We are a customized company. We can design and customize a new shop for you according to your needs. Including the interior display furniture of the shop. So when you plan to open a shop to start a business, you can feel free to tell us. We will provide you with high-quality products and services.

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