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With the development of the times, more and more people start their own businesses. There are many ways to start a business. And they can start their business in the mall or outdoors. Today I want to share with you some of the most profitable business plans in 2020.

Food business plan

As the saying goes: people take food as their heaven. Food is closely related to our lives. And our demand for food has always been very large. In addition, with the current pace of life accelerating, more and more people choose to solve their diet problems outside. So starting a food business is a very good choice.

Just as we have seen various food stores, food retail kiosks, and outdoor food carts. Like fast-food restaurants, cake shops, ice cream kiosks, juice kiosks, candy carts, etc. Here are a very popular corn kiosk and crepe cart.

corn booth
This is a corn kiosk

This is a 2.5 m by 2.5 m corn kiosk. And its material is MDF with baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic logo, and light strips. The corn kiosk has a sink, two steaming pots for corn, two platters, and a cash register on the countertop. And there are some storage cabinets under the countertop.

Also, the corn kiosk has four corn-shaped decorations. And between the two decorations are some yellow MDF with hidden lights. These make corn kiosk very special and beautiful. Besides, the kiosk also provides customers with a bar and two chairs. People can taste the corn and chat with friends here. It is so great.

crepe cart
This is a crepe cart

This is a very popular crepe cart. Its size is 1.5 m by 0.6 m, and the color is black, orange and wood color. The crepe cart base material is plywood, and the surface material is solid wood. This crepe car has a roof, an acrylic logo, three poster lightboxes, and a stone countertop.

And there is a small glass display cabinet for the crepe, an electronic scale, a juice machine, and a pot for the crepe on the countertop. Also, the crepe cart has some spotlights. So this crepe cart also can use at night and go anywhere you want. It is very convenient.

Beauty business plan

With the improvement of living standards, people’s pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher. This reflects in hairdressing, eyebrow trimming, and nail art. These are especially popular with women. It can say that the beauty market is very broad. Most people start their beauty business with a beauty salon. Just like this elegant eyebrow threading kiosk below.

eyebrow table
This is a eyebrow threading kiosk

This is a 3.5 m by 2.5 m eyebrow threading kiosk. Its base material is MDF with black color baking paint. This kiosk has three stations for eyebrow threading, a long chair for customers, a sink, a checkout counter, and two small glass display cabinets.

In addition, the eyebrow threading kiosk has very good lighting effects. Why? There are luminous poster lightboxes and some light strips on the outside of the kiosk. Especially, the golden stainless steel frame match with luminous light strips. It makes the whole kiosk very dazzling and high-end. Do you want to make an eyebrow threading kiosk like this?

Glasses business plan

Glasses are very popular nowadays. This is not only because it has strong practicability but also has a good decorative function. Many people think that wearing glasses can highlight temperament, and very fashionable. Besides, the cost of the glasses is not high. But it is very profitable. So many people start the glasses business. Are you interested in it?

Cosmetics and skin care products business plan

It is human nature to love beauty. Makeup and skincare are very popular now. Not only women but also men need them. Also, the profit of cosmetics and skincare products is very high and the demand is very large. Many people choose to do a cosmetics business with makeup services. Or a skincare business that only sells skincare products. Below is a stylish and classic cosmetic kiosk.

This is a cosmetic kiosk

This is a 5 m by 2 m cosmetic kiosk with the floor. And its material is MDF with baking paint, tempered glass, and acrylic logos. This kiosk has three big display counters and two small display counters for cosmetics. Especially, it is a trapezoidal display method. In this way, it can better display different cosmetics. Let customers know all kinds of cosmetics at a glance. Meanwhile, it looks very unique and attractive.

Otherwise, this kiosk has four multi-layer glass high cabinets to display cosmetics and two stations for makeup. So this kiosk not only sells cosmetics but also provides makeup services for customers. Do you like it?

Electronic product business plan

With the development and progress of science and technology, electronic products are becoming more and more common. Our commonly used electronic products are mobile phones, watches, computers, game consoles, etc. Someone once said you can go out without a wallet, but you can’t do without a mobile phone. It is true. And this shows that electronic products are essential in our lives. Also, it is really very profitable.

For people with large budgets, they generally choose to open stores for business. Such as mobile phone shops, watch shops, and computer equipment shops. And for people who want to do small business, they will choose to open a retail kiosk in a mall or outdoor. Like mobile phone kiosks, watch kiosks. The following is a hot sale mobile phone kiosk.

mobile phone booth
This is a mobile phone kiosk

This is a hot sale mobile phone kiosk. Its size is 4 x 2 m, and the color is black, white and yellow. The material of this kiosk is MDF with baking paint. From the picture, we can see this kiosk has a small glass display cabinet and four big glass display counters. They all can display phones of different brands.

And there are three display showcases with hooks at the corners. These showcases can display mobile phone accessories. Such as earphones, chargers, and mobile phone cases. Besides, the kiosk has a cash register and a mobile phone repair counter. So this is a multifunctional mobile phone kiosk.

These are the most profitable business plan in 2020. Which one do you intend to start? No matter what kind of business plan, when you plan to make a retail kiosk or open a shop, you can feel free to tell us. Then we will design and customize a new retail kiosk or store for you according to your needs.

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