4 tips before starting a frozen yogurt shop design

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If you are going to open a frozen yogurt shop, do you want to make it more beautiful and special? Meanwhile, do you want it to attract more customers for you? Definitely. I believe this is the voice of every merchant. How to achieve such an ideal effect? Designing a yogurt shop is the most suitable choice and the best solution.

The design can satisfy all your thoughts about the yogurt shop. And make your yogurt shop more unique and attractive. Also, the designed yogurt shop is reasonable and achievable.

For example, I want a shiny and unique logo, a warm and comfortable style, some work counters, some tables and chairs for customers. And these counters are placed separately, etc. Then I tell the designer these needs. The designer will combine the size of the yogurt shop to make a reasonable and unique design for me. And we can clearly see the actual effect of the yogurt shop in the design.

The role of design is so great. In order to achieve the desired effect, before designing, you need to measure the size of the yogurt shop. Make a logo of the yogurt shop. Clarify the overall layout of the yogurt shop and create a specific atmosphere for the yogurt shop. This is also today I want to share with you 4 tips before starting the yogurt shop design. Their details are as follows.

Measure the size for yogurt shop

All designs develop according to size. You need to measure the size of the yogurt shop. Including its length, width, and height. Even sometimes need the dimensions of windows and doors.

For example, you want to arrange a workbench and a small refrigerator on the side with a length of 6 meters. Then the combined size of the workbench and the refrigerator must be less than 6 meters. And need to consider their height and shape. The size of the two cabinets is changeable. What remains unchanged is the design effect. It can make your two cabinets more reasonable and improve your space utilization.

Make a logo for yogurt shop

The logo is a facade that directly reflects the image of the store. It can highlight the management and culture of the yogurt shop. And promote products and ideas for you. Otherwise, a beautiful and unique logo can be refreshing and impressive. So the logo of the yogurt shop is very important. When designing a new logo, you can choose beautiful and recognizable patterns. In addition, you need to pay attention to its color matching. And adding the lighting effect is best.

The overall layout of yogurt shop

The convenient and special layout can give customers a different experience. Usually a yogurt shop has a work area and a client area. You need to arrange these two areas reasonably.

For example, you can place a showcase at the entrance. So that customers can see your products at a glance. And they can also choose freely. The workbench can place close to the door. This is very convenient for customers to order food when they come in. For the client area, you can choose a bar with a few creative chairs. Or a square table with two wooden chairs. In this way, customers can relax and chat with friends while enjoying the food. It makes people feel very comfortable.

The atmosphere of yogurt shop

The atmosphere of a yogurt shop can affect how customers feel. So you need to create a comfortable atmosphere for customers. When designing, you can focus on lighting design and space color matching. At the same time pay attention to conform to the decoration style. The atmosphere created in this way will make people feel different. Just like this yogurt shop below.

yogurt shop

The main tone of this yogurt shop is blue and white. Just like the blue sky and white clouds. It can make customers feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. And the tables and chairs provided for customers are wooden. This adds a sense of green nature and makes our mood happy. Vivid posters, photo collections on the wall and warm lighting. These create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the yogurt shop. Make people reluctant to leave. Do you think so?

The above are 4 tips before starting a frozen yogurt shop design. To make your yogurt shop more unique and attractive, designing for the yogurt shop is essential. When you are ready to design for the yogurt shop, they can be for your reference. And I hope they are helpful to you.

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