What’s advantages & disadvantages of glass retail kiosk in mall ?

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For the glass kiosk, you are very familiar with, and it’ common display retail fixtures in mall. it is basically used for jewelry, ceramics, boutiques, bakeries and museums, which need to be customized. For the advantages and disadvantages of the glass kiosk, you may already know something, below by the UNIQUE kiosk editor will share with you.

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Advantages: 1. Glass kiosk can clearly show the charm of the product, together with the illumination of the light, can better reflect the characteristics of the product; 2. Glass material is transparent, can better display goods, and consumer shopping convenience; 3. Glass kiosk is simple and generous, will feel particularly cool in the hot summer; 4. Cleaning is more convenient, wipe with a cloth on it.


  • 1. Glass kiosks are fragile, bulky and inconvenient to move;
  • 2. When the glass scratches or scratches, it is difficult to repair.

Above is the need to know the advantages and disadvantages of glass kiosk customization, so as to better preserve, and should pay more attention to, want to know more, pay attention to Unique kiosk.

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