3 Tips on shoe kiosk design in mall.

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In the shopping mall, the display kiosk is the main carrier of the display products, and also the main frame of the shopping mall vision. Different commodities have different forms and functions of retail cabinet props. Then the design of mall kiosk directly affects the sales volume and the image culture output of an enterprise. So the design of shoe kiosk in mall is the same. Now, let’s share with you the three elements that need to be considered in the design of shoe display cabinet.

Tops on Shoe kiosk design

shoe kiosk design
shoe kiosk in mall for sale

1.Regional factors: the shape and size of the display cabinet and the coordination of the positions between different parts, and the color matching of the display cabinet and the product, as a whole, should give people a sense of logic.

2.Aesthetic factors: a layout of the display cabinet and the whole space, both stable and balanced, with personality of colleagues and does not appear abrupt. The theme of the brand will be better presented to consumers, paying attention to details of the design, starting from the point, line, surface, combined with the core culture of the brand, complete the shoe display cabinet design, so that products in the market stand out, so that consumers are attracted by the whole.

3.Product display: The layout of commodities in the market will change from static information to dynamic information, affecting consumers’consumption behavior. Product design and display are integrated, making the display cabinet a “static salesman”.

These are the three main factors to be considered in designing shoe retail display cabinets. if you want to know more about them.Contact us for now.

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