What’s difference of mall kiosk by materials?

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According to the level of different market, the consumption situation and the different regions, the choice of kiosks for display products is also different. Below is a some difference of mall kiosk by different materials . Unique kiosk to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of the choice of different kiosks:

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  1. Glass kiosk: Glass kiosk has good permeability, allows customers to see products more clearly at a long distance, and the price of glass is obviously cheaper than other materials; the disadvantage is that it is easy to break, has certain restrictions on the shape, is not easy to move, and is also heavier.
  2. Wooden kiosk: in the market is also relatively common, advantages: light weight, easy to make, flexible structure, easy to adjust. All the indoor mall kiosk are build with wooden materials. like clothes display, eyebrow threading kiosk or nail bar.
  3. convenient transportation, low cost, can produce different effects; if the shortcomings of the anti-corrosion is not good, if it is solid wood, it is heavy, not easy to move, and the integrity is not good.
  4. Stainless steel kiosk: light, modern and simple, low cost, very popular with the public, easy to move; Disadvantage: easy to paint, corrosion resistance is not good, easy to deform.Most of stainless steel kiosk for used for outdoor kiosk and food kiosk .
  5. Acrylic kiosk: good penetration of experience, beautiful decoration; shortcomings: heavy materials, fragile, expensive.
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