How much is a mall used jewelry kiosk ?

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The prices of jewelry kiosk are changing rapidly in the market. Some of the same styles are too expensive, some are too low, and some are in the middle stage. Why is there such a big difference? Today, Shenzhen Exhibition Cabinet Factory will discuss with you.

The positioning of display cabinet manufacturers is the most direct factor affecting prices. For example, the more professional exhibition cabinet factories in Shenzhen, because of the high labor costs and operating costs in the region, the price is generally of medium and high grade. Of course, the quality is also very guaranteed. The orders from these factories are stable. Small-scale factories, because of low operating costs, but because of weak competitiveness, tend to adopt low-cost strategy to win customers. Whether in the middle or high-end market, or in the low-end market, there is still a certain market, so the positioning of the enterprise is the performance of its own strength to meet the market demand.

jewelry kiosk in mall
stainless steel jewelry kiosk in mall

Regional differences also have a certain impact on prices. As we all know, the price of jewelry counters in Shenzhen is relatively high as a whole, and the prices in mainland cities are relatively low; however, there will be some problems. The jewellery kiosk made by some bad enterprises deliberately pull low prices to win the trust of customers are horrible; for many years, they often encounter a series of problems caused by greed for cheapness before some customers complain. Therefore, for jewelers, we must shine our eyes, no matter how the price, we must firmly believe that wool comes from sheep, and no manufacturer is a philanthropist. In this way, when customizing the jewelry store showcase, we will make the right choice for different prices.

Pictures of Jewelry Showcase

jewelry showcase kiosk for sale
smaller jewelry store in mall

Another situation is that the quality of jewelry booths is beyond the reach of other manufacturers and has reached the top level of the industry. For example, Cartier kiosk are classified into ordinary and top-grade ones; most of the prices quoted by factories are ordinary ones, with price fluctuations ranging from 2600 yuan/m to 3600 yuan/m; that is, these ordinary ones will differ in stainless steel models, thickness and workmanship details. And the high-end Cartier jewelry kiosk price is very high, can be said to be profitable, like the Apple mobile phone, although it can calculate the specific cost, but it is worth the price; because peers can not do your level.

To sum up, the price of jewelry display fixtures is determined by the product orientation, geographical location and workmanship level of the factory; of course, it is also affected by the size of the factory, the degree of product specificity, the standard of materials used and the quality of the jewelry market; these common factors make the price of the kiosk so different.

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