What is the process of production MDF kiosk?

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Hello, welcome to our website. From the previous browse, I think you have a pretty good idea of what we do. We are a professional mall kiosks manufacturer. When we confirm the design and construction drawing with our clients, we will start the production. So what does our production work look like? In general, kiosks have 2 basic materials and surface finish. One is MDF and baking and the other is plywood and laminate. Today i would like to introduce you to the MDF kiosk production process. Let’s take an example of the eyebrow threading kiosk.


Design is the most basic step because all the details are based on the design. We have to design the kiosk’s shape, color and the layout of inside. So we can make the construction drawing. Our workers produce exactly according to the construction drawing, so the construction drawing is especially important. We will send you the construction drawing for your confirmation. If you don’t understand, you can check the size or the location of the socket. You need to check and confirm the construction drawing. We won’t start work until you confirm.

Wood Body

Our first step is to make the kiosk body when we get the construction drawing. We will make the cabinet according to the size and shape of the construction drawing. Considering the transportation problem, the kiosk can be divided into several parts. When we are making a cabinet, we will install the inside electric wire, because behind we can use a few lamps or other electric appliances. So the wires have to be installed first.

Filling and Dry Sanding

When finish the kiosk body, we need to filling and sanding, in order to cover the defects of the wood surface, such as rough places. We need to polish the cabinet three times. After polished, it is beneficial to hide the holes or other defects on the furniture, which can ensure that after finishing the finish paint. The surface paint of the furniture will e more delicate and smooth, improve the aesthetics, and also make the furniture more durable, extending the service life of the furniture to a certain extent.

Baking paint

This step we need to choose the kiosk color, we can see the design color is dark red. So we need to let the customer choose color closets to the design drawing, or choose the color the customer likes. Paint has glossy and low gloss. In general, we choose glossy, because it can make the kiosk bright.


When we finish the above steps, the last step is to assemble. We need to put all the cabinet together, then install the light logo, lightbox, mirrors, led light, sticker, transformers, sink, lock, key, etc. All plugins are installed, and then the circuit is turned on to test if the appliance is working.


This is all the production process of the MDF kiosk. All assembled, we will open the circuit and take photos and videos to the customer. After the customer checks, we will pack and order the ship and arrange delivery. Look simple, in fact, every step should be particularly careful, especially when doing cabinet body. We need to calculate all the dimensions and make the cabinet stable and beautiful. Set up all the wires we need. The color of the kiosk must be chosen by the customer. We will also make a color sample for the customer to check before making it. And then use it after the customer is satisfied. That’s all I want to say today. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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