How to operate a perfume store kiosk in shopping mall?

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Are you plan to run a perfume store in shopping mall? Perfume is a fragrance that gives people a pleasant feeling and masks bad smells. It makes people smell comfortable and refreshing. We can use it in different occasions like interviews, parties and meetings to increase self-confident and charming. Perfume now becomes part of our lift-style.

perfume store kiosk

As we all know, perfume store are spreading in mall recently years. Especially for starters, a small perfume kiosk is a better way to grow business. Because it only requires a small investment but brings huge profits. Are you going to open a perfume kiosk in the mall? How to start it successfully?

First,a good location in the mall

A good location can brings more customers for your shop. Because they know that they can buy what they want from you at the first time. They don’t need to look for you all over the mall. Therefore, perfume owners often choose to start a perfume business on the first floor near the entrance.

Second, choose suitable products

We should choose the suitable perfumes to attract customers. For example, if our shopping mall sells luxury goods, we can focus on high-end perfumes. But if our customers are medium consumption, we should prepare them for affordable perfumes.

Third, purchase an attractive kiosk

The perfume kiosk is a not only a place for showcase products but also a character of your brand. A good kiosk can attracts people and improve sales volume. So please pay more attention to the layout and decoration of your own kiosk cabinet. It’s better to make a unique design for your own store. And customers also distinguish us from other brands through style, color, display, etc.

Finally, provide better service

Excellent service can add points to our stores, so our sales staff must try to solve a problem for customers, including after sales. In this way, we will get more customers’ affirmation and maximize profits.

I am sure if following on these ideas, we will earn more money and more reputation. Thank you for reading

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